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  1. You must be proud of yourself then, because he who invests get good response and if he gets some immediate response then, it is a great achievement for him.
  2. The points are amazing and really informative for the one who is interested in finance and i thank you for making such information available to everyone in this thread.
  3. Yes you will have to work hard again to get this amount back and i am sure that you can get it and just make your mind and set some target and just start it.
  4. Yes the cards have not been updated since July and i have also received two and it is going pretty well and i have not to be embarrassed on this.
  5. The arguments are absolutely valid and they have come over great discussion and they deserve to give their opinions and i think the game is not over yet because the points are still raised.
  6. I have got some nice ideas here and the instructions are almost valid and i think the lawyers are the backbone of company and micro finance company has to depend on them.
  7. Why there is no incentive to correct any information, i think there must be a chance given to correct and rectify the mistake because it may give a second life line.
  8. Hello all the members of this forum and the forum is really fantastic and superb and i really like this because the forum has very attractive topics and good for discussion and i like all of them. I am glad to be here.

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