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  1. Who do I contact because my crown jewelers report was being reported on all 3 of my reports. Now all of a sudden, it's only on one and I want it to report on all 3 because that 1500 credit limit with the $250 balance was doing my scores some good
  2. I did it all online. I was getting worried because I heard from Experian and Transunion 2 weeks ago and Equifax had this almost 7k collection for a broken lease that I was concerned about. I get back from vacation, check the mail and viola, deleted, deleted, deleted, deleted on and on and on. I was sooooooooooo excited! Especially now that the 7k is gone because I was really concerned about that. I had started to call the apt complex to find out when they relet the apt so that I could call the collection agency and atleast get them to update to the correct about, 1-2k is better than 7k. Then I said you know what? Let me just dispute as not mine and if anything, they'll atleast verfiy and update correctly. But I got something even better, a complete DELETION for than and EVERYTHING else I disputed. I was amazed to look at my report and everything listed is a good account, not ONE baddie!
  3. I got an almost 7K collection on a broken lease removed from my Equifax!
  4. Well, I went for another round of disputes this year. Last year I was able to get equifax to delete all old addresses and some baddies. Well this year, I went for another round, no addresses as the ones that remain are fine. But I went ahead and disputed EVERY SINGLE BADDIE on my report and guess what? They were ALL deleted! EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM! So basically I have a report now that is completely clean with just the good, no bad or ugly! Yea! I was able to get Experian to remove 10 baddies and Transunion to remove 6. The majority of the remaining items fall off next year or by 2008 anyways, but I'll shoot for another round of diputes around the holidays (Thanksgiving/Christmas). I usually have great luck during that time. Just wanted to share my joy! Now if I can just find out who pulls Equifax in Texas so I can get credit and then have that new credit show up on my Trans and Exper, I'd be good to go!
  5. I went to their site but I don't see a deal for 14.95 a year. PM = Privacy Matters and is powered by the True Credit engine. It's popular around here because there's a promotion for 365 daily pulls for you and your spouse for only $14.95/yr.
  6. I've been away from the site for a while. I know who TC is. Can someone tell me who PM is? Thanks!
  7. LOL, it's funny to me how noone believes him. I haven't been in the court system but my children's father has . #1, don't get in trouble in Texas, you'll get 10 years for a crime you'd get 2 years for in Cali, etc, LOL. #2, we have one of the most UNJUST systems in America. It is RIDICULOUS! I have seen it all! I have seen someone get convicted of theft (not burglary even though the building was broken into, because someone had a key and went in and put th alarm code in to disable the alarm), and then no finger prints were every taken. I saw this person get convicted of theft of property, even though they never recovered the property and basically it was all hearsay. A girlfriend even got up on the stand and said she lied and said he did it because shew as mad at him and she knew all of the details about what was stolen and when because the owners daughter, who had it out for the guy they convicted, told her all of the details. I even had people who were called to the police department for statements leave and tell me how the police were feeding them information and saying, we know you had something to do with it, but we don't want you, we want him, I mean, that's just ONE case.
  8. Thanks for the input. I consulted with a mortgage broker about the secured loans and they told me that it'd be best to do the credit cards because loans won't boost your credit as much as revolving credit.
  9. The hard part is getting them deleted. Everyone else who is left on my report are the people who WON'T budge!

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