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  1. I just checked my Walmart credit card account online, and after two years of no use, Synchrony did the expected thing and slashed my limit by $6000 to a measly $1560. I don't use the card often, if at all, so I'm ok with what they did. That said, the decrease just reported today on my TransUnion and Experian, and now I'm worried other credits might do the same thing to my other credit cards . Is this a legitimate concern?
  2. Update: I got my reward points back roughly a week after I posted this thread.
  3. My very first credit card was Cap1 Journey. Unsecured, 1.25% cash bash, steps program. Pretty decent.
  4. This. I also wonder if the purchase protections apply if you use Discover money or MR's as they would if you ran as a normal charge. Oh man... Oh well, lesson learned.
  5. Yesterday night I bought some items on Amazon. During the checkout process, I used around $40 worth of my Discover's reward points. I ended up cancelling the order but I didn't get my points back. Is this normal? If not, how long before I get my points back?
  6. Never had anyone ask for proof of income. Some (Amex), ask for assets in addition to income. Never had anyone ask for verification. It's completely proper to put down the income from the job you have accepted for "income." The CFPB defines "income" as funds you can reasonably expect to have access to. It's prospective, not retrospective. Issuers can ask for additional or supporting documentation but it's rather unusual. Very informative. Thank you! Makes sense.
  7. I recently graduated from college and received a job offer for around $70k which I accepted. I haven't started the new job yet, but I've already signed all the papers so it's a done deal. I would like to request a number of CLIs (Citi, Discover, US Bank, just to name a few). Can I use my offer letter as a proof of income? If not, should I just wait until I get my first two or three pay stubs?
  8. I had one of their products (a credit card) through UnionBank and I thought they were decent. There are better options out there though.
  9. I've been stuck at 798 for like 5 freaking months now. Give me my 8xx already!
  10. lol, illegals are gonna love it! illegal what? pus sy grabbers? Immigrants. And no, I'm not a Trump supporter.
  11. So it's no longer "Eight Rhymes with Great"? Seriously, this bank, and all of its executives, can go to hell. I love it!
  12. 2% cash backon all gas station, grocery store and drugstore purchases 1% cash backon all other purchases $39 annual fee I'll stick to my DC.
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