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  1. I now got a letter back in response to my goodwill letter to jared jewelers. They said that they can only change something that has been determined an error. So that is 2 letters and bothe negatives responses. Do these goodwill letters work???
  2. Thanks for the response. I guess I'm gonna just send a few more letters to different addresses
  3. So I sent a goodwill adjustment letter to navy CU to see if they will remove lates from my credit report. Two weeks later they sent me a letter that seems generic and like they send it to everyone. In the letter it is saying that I should send my dispute to he credit bureaus and that if I want to go further with. Y dispute I need to send a list of things. So my question is what do I do now. It is just for two 30 day lates .
  4. http://www.cnbc.com/id/41021972 If it is not true why are there so many links on it
  5. EQ 517, that is all I know right now I think trans is 560 but may be wrong
  6. 6 negatives are may and June of this year. 1 is from 2008 1 nov last year 1 in 2009
  7. This may be a simple question but I am kinda confused. I have 9 negatives on my account and there are a lot of posts stating how dispute got rid of there negatives. How do I even start disputing. What do I do? Does it work even if you really were late?
  8. I also read this on bankrate.com Re-aging guidelines In June 2000, the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council set down new guidelines for issuers to follow when re-aging consumer credit card accounts. To be considered for re-aging: The borrower should demonstrate a renewed willingness and ability to pay. The credit card account should be at least 9 months old. The borrower should make at least three consecutive minimum monthly payments or the equivalent sum. And there's more. Federal regulators also placed limits on the number of times an account could be re-aged. A creditor may only re-age an account once in a 12-month period and twice in a five-year period for open-ended accounts such as credit cards. A creditor may also re-age a past-due account if you agree to enter a debt-workout program or debt-management plan. This revised payment plan could be worked out between you and your creditor, or it could be negotiated with the help of a credit-counseling service or a debt-management company. A creditor may only re-age an account in a workout program once every five years.
  9. http://sfbayhomes.com/how-to-fix-late-payments-on-your-credit-by-re-aging/ Check out this link
  10. I read where you can ask them to reage your account and if they will it will be like you just opened the account from this new date and the late pays will be gone
  11. I went from a 670 last year to 517 eq 560 trans. I have 9 negatives (7, 30 days past and 1, 90 day and 1,190 day) and 2 car loans but I pay them on time every month
  12. Ask the credit grantors. (Jared, navy fcu loan,). The negatives are 30 days past due.
  13. I opened a best buy credit card in 2006 the date of last activity is 2008 and the current status is bad debt/collection. It says my balance is $74. It says as of June 2008 I was 90 days late but then it says I paid on time for three months after that. Then it was charged off and closed by credit grantor. I'm confused. I'm just want to now how or where I need to start to get this off my credit report
  14. Even though those are the only 2 lates I've had in 7 years
  15. Equifax score is 517. What are baddies? If you mean bad marks on credit there is 2 recent late pays on this account and a few more on some other accounts
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