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  1. Deal As a data point... DW isn't on the block, I have utilized 3 pullers on several occasions for her with Eq, and still isn't being C*
  2. B* could end, at any time, for everyone who is on the C* list. It could end forever. If you're lucky enough to not be on the C* list, don't take any unnecessary risks. If it ends it is unbiased to those c* or not c*...
  3. And I'm obviously not attempting to under mind or cause a bloody mutiny. .. just an idea for noobs not on C* block.. Makes life easier and gets quicker results. And they still wouldn't be c*.. just stay off th e blasted BD! This approach is also advantageous because we all know Eq likes to screw us by mixing up which pullers work and such. Caveat- Bob is definitely the credit genius and I would follow whatever his advice is.
  4. Yes I would... I'm one of them. But if I never got on it I'd still pull all 3... I'd get results quicker and would never fear the axe. Theoretically I could b* one month, spree the next, and b* again the next. Of course if AAOA didn't kill me... Just saying... c* or not... I'd pull all 3, get it done and over with... this could also be my mindset cuz of the deeply rooted fear I have of the axe lol and my need to b* asap
  5. I wonder why it isn't suggested to just utilize 3 pullers from the start c* or not c*. Using them doesn't put you on the block... Eq CA did back in the day but these do not. Using any One of these pullers across 3 months or utilizing 3 in a 30 day period isn't much of a difference financially. Utilizing 3 at once however cuts a tremendous amount of time, hassle, and "wonderings" of score effects. We all know inqs affect your overall score minimally as it is, why drag it out... I like my results faster. Maybe I'm the only one with this mindset but I guess it's a fresh idea anyways... and if you had to utilize Q... then obviously just sign up for two pullers and get the job done asap then garden or complete whatever task you needed the Inqs removed for in the first place.
  6. You can get the FICO 04 for Equifax from Equifax and From DCU. With DCU it will cost you a hard pull and you must sign up for checking. You can get the Ex score from PSECU but I think you must still live there to join.
  7. Mortgage brokers/bankers pull Fico 04 for Equifax, Fico 04 for TU, and Fico 98 for Ex. MYFICO.com offers FICO 08 scores which are used by credit card companies and most auto loan banks.
  8. What's the secret with GECRB/Synchrony. I've been added as AU by DW, both are 6 days passed statement date. Neither are showing. Walmart and paypal extras. What gives?
  9. I've got Mpm/ CCM, and paying for qwiz until all my Inqs are gone... mine isn't for the score boost... its because I know the loan officer is going to want to know why I have 25 Inqs in a year and 15 in the last 6 months.... ive been buying vehicles and getting CLI along with a couple new cards.... Id like to be INQ free on EQ and TU and hopefully the 3 new/only ones I have on EX will explain where the 2 new accounts came from
  10. I WISH I could pull EQ once a day for three months and B*... I need it done by 10/01 AND I am on the C* block
  11. cool..im really just wanting to see what happens next Tuesday... hoping I don't get C* but im sure I will. I have 30 hards and needing them off by 9/23
  12. Its been a while can someone assist me in counting this mess... ND-ALLIANT CREDIT UNION 10/06/13 AR-CAPITAL ONE 07/17/14 AR-CAPITAL ONE BANK USA NA 09/03/13 ND-CAPITAL ONE BANK USA NA 02/03/14 CREDITEXPERT 1-866-673-0140 08/13/14, 02/01/14 PRM-CREDIT ONE BANK NA 03/19/14, 08/27/13 CSC 02/02/13, 01/31/13 ND-DATA FACTS INC::4214017468 08/04/14 ND-DIGITAL FEDERAL CREDIT UNION 07/22/14 AR-DISCOVER FINANCIAL SVCS, I 01/14/14 AR-ELAN FINANCIAL SERVICES 09/17/13 PRM-E MORTGAGE MANGEMENT LLC 07/12/14, 06/06/14, 05/17/14 EQUIFAX 08/02/14, 10/11/13, 08/31/13, 01/23/13, 11/06/12, 11/02/12 EQUIFAX INFO SVCS. 10/24/13, 10/04/13 EQUIFAX INFO SVCS : 08/30/13 EQUIFAX 08/05/14, 08/04/14, 08/03/14, 08/02/14, 07/25/14, 07/19/14, 10/15/13, 10/14/13, 10/11/13, 09/27/13, 09/11/13, 09/09/13, 09/01/13, 08/31/13, 08/30/13 ND-EQUIFAX 08/01/13 ND-EQUIFAX 09/06/12 EQUIFAX INFO SVCS 08/10/14, 08/05/14, 11/01/13, 10/25/13, 01/25/13, 11/26/12, 11/26/12 ND-EQUIFAX CONSUMER SERVICES 01/28/14 EQUIFAX CONSUMER SERVICES 01/20/14 ND-EQUIFAX CONSUMER SERVICES 08/10/14 ND-EQUIFAX CONSUMER SERVICES 08/10/14 ND-EQUIFAX CONSUMER SERVICES 01/28/14 ND-EQUIFAX CONSUMER SERVICES 08/10/13 ND-EQUIFAX CONSUMER SERVICES 08/10/13 ND-EQUIFAX CONSUMER SERVICES 10/05/12 EQUIFAX INFORMATION SVS 08/11/14, 08/11/14, 08/09/14, 08/09/14, 07/25/14, 07/22/14, 11/05/13, 11/05/13, 10/30/13, 10/30/13, 10/26/13, 10/26/13, 10/16/13, 10/15/13, 10/15/13, 10/07/13, 10/07/13, 10/01/13, 09/19/13, 09/06/13, 09/06/13, 09/06/13, 09/06/13, 09/04/13, 09/04/13, 09/03/13, 09/03/13, 08/28/13, 08/28/13, 08/28/13, 08/27/13 EQUIFAX INFO SVCS. 10/25/13, 09/26/13 PRM-EQUITY MORTGAGE, INC 07/12/14 ND-EQUIFAX 07/23/14, 01/31/14, 01/08/13, 10/07/12 PRM-EXECUTIVE LANDING GROUP LLC 05/01/14 FAIR ISAAC 08/04/14, 08/02/14 FAIR ISAAC 09/27/13 ND-FAIR ISAAC 08/02/14 ND-FARMERS INSURANCE GROUP 08/06/14 ND-FARMERS INSURANCE GR 04/06/13 ND-FARMERS INSURANCE GROUP 04/05/13 ND-FIRST USA BANK - ATV 10/10/12 ND-LIBERTY MUTUAL INSURANCE::4214017468 08/06/14 ND-LIBERTY MUTUAL INSURANCE::4214017468 10/10/13 PRM-MDA CAPITAL, INC. 07/12/14 AR-NAVY FCU 07/01/14 NAVY FCU 09/25/13 PRM-NEW WAVE LENDING CORP-MASADA 05/17/14 AR-PRIVATE LBL RETAIL/CITIBAN 07/25/14 QUIZZLE, LLC 08/13/14, 08/05/14, 07/25/14 PRM-RESIDENTIAL HOME FUNDING CORP 05/01/14 ND-SCOTTRADE 06/21/13 AR-SHELL/CITIBANK NA 07/25/14 TRUECREDIT/COVERDELL MY 01/16/14 TRUECREDIT/VERTRUE 01/30/14
  13. Took me 2 months to have my new CL reported Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk - now Free

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