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  1. So long story short I am finally out of debt except for my auto loan. I currently have $1000 in my emergency fund. I am 36 years old and have less than $10k in retirement savings. My employer does match up to 6% in my 401k. I currently am not contributing anything. I stopped all contributions to get out of debt faster. After taxes and paying my living expenses, I have $1400 in disposable income left over. My dilemma, should I wait on the 401k and blast all that disposable income into my emergency fund until I have 6 months of expenditures(roughly 18k)? Should I contribute up to the company match, and put the rest at emergency fund? Or should I go gangbuster on the auto loan and try to get that paid off within 18 months? My gut is saying do up to the company match and the rest into emergency fund but i'm really antsy about not having 6 months in an emergency fund, but also quite antsy about being so far behind in retirement. Thank you in advance. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Thanks, That is what i was thinking also. That is kind of funny that $8500 is considered low, especially since it is the largest credit line i've ever had since utilizing credit at the age of 18. Definitely happy with where i'm at in my journey, and now time to concentrate on my TU to try to get that fully clear. EXP, pffft i don't even have a bit of hope with that report.
  3. Recently paid off all my debt down to about 2% UTIL. EQ Fico of 704 (as one account hasn't updated paid off). Went on app spree this morning. Prior to app spree largest credit lines were Kays at $7650, Firestone $2200, and Barclays NFL Mastercard at $2000. I'm considering this a very successful app spree. Wonder if there are any goodies that I'm missing out on in this spree that I should give a shot at or just take what i've gotten, don't look a gift horse in the mouth and start to garden. Penfed Visa Gold - 8500 Approved Huntington Bank Rewards - 6000 Approved Capital One Venture Rewards - 5000 Approved Discover - Denied Barclays Rewards - 2500 Approved Chase Freedom - Denied
  4. Yeah i'm going to try that later. I sock drawered it once it was closed so don't have it with me.
  5. I'm not sure if mine is re-opened or not, but when it was closed everything in the online portal went missing. Now all of a sudden, everything is back, credit limit, available credit, ability to pay bill online. I haven't tried the card yet. Figured i'd see if anyone else has seen this?
  6. I have one collection listed for one month that my garnishment was behind because of a job that messed up my payments to the state.... EQ with some pushing deleted. TU cannot get it to budge, EX cannot get it to budge at all and domestic relations was 100% non helpful and refused to adjust even though i had no control over the payments due to them being garnished. I have no faith that they will ever drop off before the 7 year mark
  7. I've had great results with CFPB for EQ but no good results with TU and cfpb
  8. So this goes hand in hand with the super chop I had on 2/6 removing all the old tradelines and stuff from my EQ report. Seems at least for me B* may be a thing of the past. Every morning it looks like they are only keeping 2 days of USAA pulls and 1 day of EC pulls. IDK if anyone else is seeing this but it is definitely accurate on my reports. Maybe they have upgraded their systems and that was the cause of all the super chops of good positive closed tradelines.
  9. So much for my CFPB complaint. They classified it as a duplicate of a previous complaint from months back, yet it is 100% different and isn't even 1% similar to that previous complaint.
  10. I've had my complaint with the CFPB open for a week now and included a copy of both reports before and after highlighting the missing tradelines.... so far not a peep from anyone
  11. Yeah I actually called yesterday and went through with them tradeline by tradeline that was deleted. They basically said too bad call the creditor. We didn't delete anything the creditor did. I had to explain that i'd have more of a chance at finding sasquatch in the ocean than the chances that 8 different creditors all stopped reporting to EQ only on the same exact day. They just refused to adknowledge they did anything. What is funny though is they did say they were going through security updates on their systems yesterday, and it was taking them forever to pull up reports.
  12. My AAOA went from 4 years 2 months to 1 year 9 months
  13. We will see what a CFPB complaint does. I just submitted mine. It usually works pretty well with EQ for deletes, so crossing my fingers it works for re-inserting positive information.
  14. I pulled my fico from myfico and lost about 40 or 50 points due to them removing 8 old accounts.
  15. i'll be interested in seeing how it effects my fico, my faco dropped 30 points because of the account removals

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