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  1. This thread is basically why all the big issuers banned crypto currency purchases. Multiply this by thousands of people... sigh.
  2. This was most likely just the purchases after 6 months of inactivity.
  3. If anyone needs the CFPB they should get on it fast. It'll be dead soon.
  4. Eh, Amex catches it pretty quickly. Amex CLs and NPSL are just an illusion. Even on their credit cards they approve/deny charges based on realtime factors. Sometimes their system will even softpull as the transaction is being processed.
  5. Business Cent. Zzzzz. It's not a bad article. Interesting that his FICO is 731. "I spend way more than $100,000 on advertising each month, so I opened up several new gold cards to take advantage of the "three times the points" deal on the first $100,000. But that action ended up tanking my FICO score! I went from an 807 to 731." Can you hold multiple BRGs? Presumably he has different EINs he's applying under?
  6. Upstart might help as they factor in degrees and "future potential" into decisions, But it's automated so I'm not sure how you get around your mortgage repayment "issue". I don't see a bank taking this on, but I think a CU would. You'd need to sit down with an underwriter and go through all your various "issues" and see if you can get an installment loan. You really need to move that renovation cost off credit cards and roll it into a new mortgage or HELOC... because you're actually losing 2k/month in home value due to CC interest. If you can get yourself off your wife's cards as an AU... it might work, but you still have that mortgage repayment = 15k issue. You need to find an institution that actually wants to help you. If none of this works, you should just sell it. Thinking about and dealing with all this debt will wear you down over time. Think about it this way: pretend another 2008 was just around the corner... what would you do now to stop yourself from being completely f**ked?
  7. Yeah, so is paper app mailed to them "in person"? I guess so?
  8. It's right there on the application page: "Alliant will pull a soft credit inquiry as part of the primary applicants background check. When applying online, Alliant will pull a hard credit inquiry specifically for a joint owner. If you have a credit freeze you must temporarily release it in order to apply. If you are opening an account for a minor or have a Fraud Victim Alert with a credit bureau you will have to mail us a paper membership application (PDF)." I confirmed it with a rep. It... makes no sense. I asked if I could do the paper application without a hard pull for the joint member. They said they didn't know what would happen in that case. Maybe I need to ask again.
  9. Does anyone know how to join Alliant with a joint membership without a HP? I don't understand why they HP your joint account holder but not you. Makes no sense.
  10. Or just set up auto pay and never worry about it again. I have auto pay set up on the due date for 11 accounts. Never had an issue ever.
  11. http://www.flyertalk.com/forum/credit-card-programs/1650945-foreign-exchange-rates-discussion-forex-all-cards.html There's 462 posts on FX and everything you need to know about it. TL;DR: only the posting date matters to all issuers. Always use a MasterCard.
  12. I just wanted to make this thread to ask what everyone thought of the idea of genetics affecting your financial responsibility. I personally believe genetics has an impact on your financial habits. Ugh....
  13. I take my standard wallet, leave the Freedom Unlimited and take the Arrival+.

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