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  1. Synchrony Marvel, approved for 2k, called and asked for more, rep said that it was possible but I had to move some of my other card limits to complete the CLI. I had 17k on Lowes so i decreased my card to 10k. The new limit that was "allowed" to the Marvel was 6k. So they took 4k of the 7k, I thought I would be able to move the entire 7k but no.
  2. Woohooo! Called USAA about my Amex, on the 14th it will be 6mo exactly from last increase which was 1k to 3k... They gave me $5k more so my new limit, $8k
  3. Barney's, never used card, had it for 5mo with $4250 limit. Called the automated line on back of card and did multiple requests for CLI raised it to $14,250 Tried for Ann Taylor store card increase but the max is $3,000, which is my limit now... FYI
  4. Thank you! Congrats on the recon and a good starting limit.
  5. Alaska airlines Visa Signature approval $5500! Ex frozen asked if they could pull TU, agreed. My TU is at 700
  6. Ebates CLI from 10k to 12k via chat, requested 15k. Last one was in Jan.
  7. Yep, just looked at Credit Karma... Awesome! HP?
  8. Clicked the Home Depot CLI button, went from $5001 to $10,000 in about 5 min... Last increase was 7/31/15
  9. Yep, that's what I did. Wasn't always that way though, I remember I used to just hit the Home button and continue pressing the luv button each time.
  10. Just hit the luv bottom for JCrew a bunch of times, went from 13850 to 17450. Last CLI fun was Jan 18, I tried every month but no luck until today
  11. Well I'm going to start using mine at Rite Aid once in a while, to keep it active.
  12. Received a letter today saying that they closed my Care Credit card for non-use! I knowwww I should have used it/ it has been a year. I learned my lesson real quick lol. Anyway, I immediately jumped online to reaply and received the approval for the exact same limit, $9600. Thank goodness!
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