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  1. No. I have only used my PayPal to accept transfer money between friends. I shop now and again using my PayPal online, but I don't use any of those "Bill Me Later" features. I also never received any statements or cards from this Comenity Bank. I was going to call the debt collector to get more info but I read somewhere it's not smart to do that. Any ideas of where I should start to get this off my credit? They didn't even send me anything in the mail to validate this. Thanks for any ideas!
  2. I just performed my monthly credit report check via CreditKarma and I have a new derogatory tradeline from Gravaman Asset Managment - Creditor is Comenity Bank. Says I owe $520 and account was opened April 2019. It also says the highest balance was $750 and now the balance is $520. I've never heard of Comenity Bank. Never used them for anything. I looked them up and they offer various store credit cards, like Victoria Secret, Lane Bryant, etc., so I know it can't be any account under my name because I've never, ever had a store credit card. I've always had 1 major Visa and my paypal card. And, I never received anything by mail about this, from the creditor or the collector. Where should I start so I can get this deleted off my report? Thank you!
  3. I live in Maryland. When they originally contacted me last year, I asked that they send me anything about this credit card, but they didn't. I need to see who opened the card, where were the purchases made, etc. But I cannot get any information from them. So, now that I cannot validate, what can I do to get this off my credit report? Sue them? I'm willing to go to court and force their hand. I figure, the only defense they will have is to bring actual documentation, which they do not have. Any Advice?
  4. I've read through the forum til my eyes are bloodshot and blurred. Complete Credit Solutions is on my credit report, about some credit card that I never had and never heard of. I never ordered anything from this company (Bon Ton) and never had any card or monthly bills come to my address, so I don't know how this is possible. When they called, I told them to send me the credit application, what was ordered, anything, but of course, the CA didn't. Now it is on my report with a date of January 2019. They couldn't even give me the date it was opened. I see other people have had problems with Complete Credit Solutions never validating anything. I'm sending my letter out, but is there anything else that I can do because I know it's about to become a headache with these people. Thanks for any advice!
  5. Anyone know how to successfully remove old addresses from Chexsystems?
  6. SunTrust in Southern Maryland used Telecheck for me. TD Bank tends to approve (they use Chexsystems) if you owe under $1000 and open an account with a decent balance.
  7. I've had several problems with Chexsystems and looked into opening a second chance bank account with Andrews Fed Credit Union and PNC. Both banks supposedly have the best second chance programs, but what isn't advertised are the exclusions. #1 - Yes, you can get open up a 2nd-chance bank account with those institutions as long as the total amount(s) reported by Chexsystems is less than $500. There is no room for leniency; a dollar over and you're out of luck. But I must say, the new account rep was friendly, non-judgemental and advised to just send money towards the accounts listed because at least it shows that you are trying to rectify your past actions, and perhaps some banks will look at that favorably. #2 - New account reps use automated software to open these accounts but those new accounts still get run through their fraud dept. If you are listed on the proprietary EWS - early warning system, then they will close the account typically within 14 to 30 days. Only the larger banks are using this system now because they charge so darn much. I guess that why so many people get that letter about a closure after they've successfully opened the account. Such a waste of time going to open these advertised accounts only to find out they have exclusions. #3 - By now, everyone probably knows to refute anything listed on Chexsystems, but did you know much of that information is created out of thin air? Chexsystem has 2 bank accounts listed on their in my name, but not only have I never had accounts at those banks, but both banks verified to me that there is no such account. There has never been an account listed in my name at those banks; There is no account with those numbers at the bank(s); No one knows where Chexsystems got this information and they have the nerve to still have it listed??
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