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  1. Object personification is common in people with autism.
  2. You can't just move installed files from one folder to another. That's not how software works on Windows. Program Files is the 64-bit directory. Program Files (x86) is the 32-bit directory. Here are connection strings for MySQL. https://www.connectionstrings.com/mysql/
  3. If it's not identity theft, then it's her house and car and she lied to you and committed a federal felony on the bankruptcy petition. Can your wife speak or communicate? If yes, she needs to talk to a lawyer. If she can't speak or communicate, do you have power of attorney and are acting on her behalf? If yes, you need to talk to a lawyer.
  4. It might be helpful to use accurate, legal terms to describe the debt. "Discharged" usually means bankruptcy, and you don't get a 1099-C for debt discharged in bankruptcy. You have a document saying a debt is "dissolved"?
  5. Does that mean you don't have any living siblings? Nothing separates family members faster than financial favoritism.
  6. I'm not sure how a lawyer would help you. The lien holder says you owe them money, and you don't have proof you paid. Obviously they think they can collect on the debt if they foreclose. Being disabled and low-income is not a defense for not paying property taxes unless there's an exemption I'm not aware of. If you can't afford to pay the property taxes on your income, it's probably time to start looking for another place to live that's affordable. Have you looked into Section 8 vouchers?
  7. $1,000 Balance - $5,000 credit refund @luckydriver is owed $4,000 @luckydriver $12 purchase $4,000 - $12 = $3,988 @luckydriver is owed $3,988 Do you need more help with math?
  8. Employment confirmation letter should work. People move in state, across states all the time. This is not a new or difficult question to answer. If your "friend" wants to buy a house without a proof of income or employment, that will probably be impossible. Renting might be possible by prepaying rent. Your "friend" can try to negotiate with the landlord. Have your "friend" ask the question with details here directly that they want answered, and we can be more specific.
  9. Was it purchased by someone who will live in it?
  10. The first question is why do you have to move? If you don't, don't. Purchasing a house shouldn't be a short-term plan.
  11. If you never paid late and have proof, that should be easy to resolve. Banks are busy right now helping people who have lost their jobs, so this request might be low on their priority list.
  12. What industry is your business in? Can you sell assets?
  13. Be patient. They're going through the same thing you are. They have families, mortgages/rent, expenses, job changes. You're one of thousands in line.
  14. Focus on supporting yourself and/or family. Hospitality - Probably off the table Healthcare - Non-essential health care resources are being moved to essential. Your non-essential healthcare business could now be important. Tech - This is broad. Lots of areas in tech that may need help with more people working from home. Data centers, end user support, etc. Having expertise and established businesses in 3 different industries means you have ingenuity, creativity, and a good work ethic. We need those skills to help each other right now.
  15. Did you file for unemployment? It may not be much, but hopefully it helps.

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