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  1. If you owe $1,000 to 5 companies, you have $5,000 of debt. If you owe $5,000 to one company, you have $5,000 of debt. DTI is based on monthly payments. Is your goal to reduce your monthly payments so you can borrow more money for a house? Is your goal to reduce debt as quickly as possible? Is your goal to have the highest FICO score possible? All of the above? That requires details about the debt, credit scores, income, etc.
  2. I didn't miss the point. It's data mining and aggregation. It's not new. It's not a "tactic". And there's absolutely nothing you can to do stop it from happening.
  3. If I got a text from someone saying I owe $25,000 to the IRS, I'd know it was a scam because I don't owe $25,000 to the IRS. I also wouldn't respond to random text messages. Or emails. Or phone calls. Or letters. You searched for a debt collector, and now you're wondering why you see ads for debt collection? Really?
  4. You filed a legal, formal complaint with a credit reporting agency which said information on your credit report is inaccurate. Is that information now accurate? It was your mistake?
  5. If the car is titled solely in her name, then it is HER car. If you're keeping it in your garage and not allowing her access to it, you could be charged with theft. This is what happens in a co-signer situation. You cannot force her to sign the car over to you. You have almost no rights and a large amount of the responsibility.
  6. You have a mortgage, but you want to know how to determine a future mortgage payment?
  7. If you're not married, have a contract. Doesn't matter if you're in a personal or professional relationship.
  8. Your spouse can sign contracts and obtain credit without your knowledge or approval. You've been married for 35 years, and you're still fuzzy on the laws?
  9. iCloud accounts are with Apple, not a cellular carrier. You can have an iCloud account without owning an Apple device.
  10. Root your phone, install a custom ROM, and install what you want. If you're an app developer, you know that.
  11. If they don't care how much it costs, I'm sure the lender would be happy to arrange it.
  12. $35,350 total debt 20% for 5 years = 936.60 per month Total amount paid: = $56,196 $10,000 at 0% for 12 months = $833.33 per month $25,350 at 20% for 5 years = $671.60 per month Total per month for first year = $1,504.93 Total per month for next 4 years = 671.60 Total amount paid = $50,296 Looks like you'll save about $6,000 over 5 years with the $10,000 0% for 12 month loan assuming you can pay off all debt in 5 years.
  13. Is the question, "Can a company and the company's lawyers both contact you for a debt the company owns"?
  14. Did you get a legal divorce? If you did, then a legal document exists outlining the disposition of marital assets and debts. You can get a copy from the court where it was filed. If the car is registered, then there's an address attached to that registration.

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