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  1. Can you get replacement cards for the ones lost in the fire?
  2. NACA requires 1 month of reserves in cash. You don't have that. FHA requires 3.5% down. You don't have that either. NFCU HomeBuyer's Choice might be an option. Looks like you could have $0 in the bank and qualify. Buying a house with less than 1 month of living expenses in cash is a really, really bad idea.
  3. Look for a fee-based financial planner. This is a very serious situation.
  4. Yes. Talk to a professional financial planner. You're the sole provider for your family, and you have a life-long dependent.
  5. Of course that's not my advice. If you have ONLY TWO options: 1 - take an annual 40% loss OR 2 - take a an annual 2% gain, then obviously you made the right choice. That's unfortunate. Hopefully you've adjusted your retirement goals and expectations to be aligned with a 2% annual return.
  6. Well that explains why you earned 2%. That's not the plan administrator's fault. You're not going to have a sufficient amount saved for retirement if you invest in a 2% guarantee fund.
  7. You want to refinance a $30,000 mortgage balance? Over what period of time? That's a very small balance for a mortgage loan. What's the value of your home? Roof and heating are normal home maintenance issues. You don't have any money saved for this?
  8. A 401k should allow YOU to pick the investments. 2% in a serious bull market is ridiculous. Talk to a financial planner and get that straightened out. A 2% rate of return (unless you're very close to retirement) will not cut it. And obviously you have to stop borrowing from it.
  9. You and your husband need a financial plan. Big picture.
  10. It sounds like you need life insurance to replace your income should you die. And you need disability insurance to provide income should you become disabled. The mortgage is just one part of the cost of home ownership. If your husband is completely disabled, can't work, and has absolutely no income, he won't have money to pay taxes, insurance, and performance basic household tasks such as cleaning.
  11. Definition of collateral: https://www.investopedia.com/terms/c/collateral.asp
  12. Square is a physical device used to process credit card payments. How was your friend going to pay via credit card without presenting the card in person? Have you and your friend read the entire contract your friend signed?
  13. We all know exactly what you meant. How many months have you been putting $2,500 a month into savings? I'm guessing........1 month? I'm curious as to how you qualified for Chapter 7 bankruptcy with that kind of disposable income, but it's not relevant to your question. Try this math: $2,500 x 12 = $30,000 Then you could just about pay cash for the new car.
  14. Have you contacted Sloan Kettering? Mayo Clinic? You're so very sick and have a teenage daughter.

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