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  1. If they don't care how much it costs, I'm sure the lender would be happy to arrange it.
  2. $35,350 total debt 20% for 5 years = 936.60 per month Total amount paid: = $56,196 $10,000 at 0% for 12 months = $833.33 per month $25,350 at 20% for 5 years = $671.60 per month Total per month for first year = $1,504.93 Total per month for next 4 years = 671.60 Total amount paid = $50,296 Looks like you'll save about $6,000 over 5 years with the $10,000 0% for 12 month loan assuming you can pay off all debt in 5 years.
  3. Is the question, "Can a company and the company's lawyers both contact you for a debt the company owns"?
  4. Did you get a legal divorce? If you did, then a legal document exists outlining the disposition of marital assets and debts. You can get a copy from the court where it was filed. If the car is registered, then there's an address attached to that registration.
  5. Every state has laws that define what happens with assets and liabilities in a divorce. There are no laws for breakups. Yes, it is correct that contracts with creditors may not change in the event of a legal divorce, but the divorce is itself a legal contract. The relationship aspect of a breakup and divorce may be similar, the legalities are COMPLETELY different.
  6. You don't know how your college education was paid for?
  7. If your parents can't afford property taxes and maintenance, then they may not be able to stay in the house. Have they talked to a financial advisor? Do you have power of attorney over their finances?
  8. Let's not vilify the poster who was screwed over by their parents. We all have families, and we all know the dynamics involved in those relationships. The poster has the right to be angry. They're looking for help.
  9. The poster's parents have the car. See the first post. If your parents filed for bankruptcy in January and the car hasn't been repo'd in July, it's likely it will never repo'd. They won't be able to legally sell it or donate it. You could wait out the SOL and then use that as a defense if you're sued. And of course after 7.5 years, it will disappear from your credit reports. The SOL doesn't mean you can't be sued. Anyone can sue anyone for anything. You could end up dealing with this for a long time. Since they haven't repo'd it, maybe you could settle with them. Have you talked to your parents about this? They could certainly make payments if they wanted to. I'm sorry this happened. Parents should not do this to their children. Parents should protect children not cause them financial harm.
  10. You think an MD is required to cement brackets on teeth? Might surprise you to learn architects earn more than masons.
  11. 2 bankruptcies, 4 repo's, and multiple 25%+ car loans say a refi is unlikely.
  12. Can you get replacement cards for the ones lost in the fire?
  13. NACA requires 1 month of reserves in cash. You don't have that. FHA requires 3.5% down. You don't have that either. NFCU HomeBuyer's Choice might be an option. Looks like you could have $0 in the bank and qualify. Buying a house with less than 1 month of living expenses in cash is a really, really bad idea.
  14. Look for a fee-based financial planner. This is a very serious situation.
  15. Yes. Talk to a professional financial planner. You're the sole provider for your family, and you have a life-long dependent.

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