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  1. Don't blame you - though I;d imagine they would freeze your card (making you call in) or lower it anyway if thats what they were going to do.
  2. I did the reach out for schools to become eligible - they are my primary CU as of now. I like their online bill payment, their iOS app and how both my wife and I have different logins to the shared checking (allows her payees and my payees to remain separate and that's easier for us) Their application process can be hit or miss - hopefully you avoid the RoseFactor....I didn't.
  3. Well you know...I've been reading on the internet that a complete collapse of the US dollar and the US financial system is imminent, so I've been buying firearms and ammunition with my Discover card. I would jump through hoops for BofA, Amex, Barclays, Chase...Discover, not a chance in hell. LOL - I use cash for the firearms and the ammo - apparently in all seriousness some places won't even take credit cards anymore for those purchases. No idea why. Why would you go through those hoops for those lenders? Seems they are overreaching for all sorts of information - if they see a decline in score coupled with late pays etc I see the need to verify things. Otherwise, if your reports say everything is fine and dandy seems they are risking upsetting a "prime" customer for little gain. Just my $0.02.
  4. One of the odder things is that they would even know you have a motorcycle. Does your motorcycle show up in your credit reports in some way? I would think a motorcycle installment debt would just show up as a vehicle installment. Also, how can a warning about an automated FR in the future be useful if they don't tell you what initiated that "automated" review? Screwy Discover policy. I believe it says "Recreational Loan" if I remember right on my report (not 100% certain) - the rep (I assume) guessed it was a motorcycle and it is. It sounds like recreational loans get more scrutiny for some reason.
  5. I should have also mentioned their automated system was recommending my line be decreased by $3000. So yeah, if that happened I'm 99% sure I'd close the thing. I've never gone through a credit card review before ever..but won't do it again. Too much effort having to hunt that stuff up and send it. If I ever needed a document from a financial institution they've always wanted me to pay some ridiculous "research and fax fee" - should work both ways but never does.
  6. Yes - the automated # identified and provided the last 4 of my card # and the rep was able to validate my address and credit information. But yeah it did cross my mind before calling them. Normally spam e-mails or phishing don't include the card holders full name and such. No one else has had this happen to them with Discover??
  7. I received an e-mail mid-week last week stating: "We are conducting a routine account review and would like to speak with you to update the information on your account. Please contact us within seven days from the date of this letter and be prepared to update your financial information, including employment and income. We look forward to speaking with you so that we can continue to effectively meet your financial needs. Please contact us Monday – Friday 9 AM - 7 PM EST, by calling 1-800-XXX-XXXX. If you have already been in contact with our office, please disregard this message. Sincerely, Account Review Team" Naturally I assumed the worst and that was quickly confirmed after calling on Friday. The rep said something to the effect "Our system routinely reviews customer records and spending habits and our system is recommending a credit line decrease at this time. I will need to gather some information from you in an effort to try to overturn this automated decision" I was a little surprised given that Discover is my lowest limit card $8,000 with $7700 available and my credit score is a 718. This particular card is normally paid in full within 90 days or so of use. I rarely care a balance for very long on this card but have carried balances longer on other cards. When I ask what exactly caused the system to recommend this action I didn't get any real specific answer. The rep was very through and I had to follow up some numbers I provided with proof via fax. I was asked to provide proof of stated income, proof of employment, proof that a motorcycle purchase was paid in full (not sure why they focused so much on that - she said the lender looks at recreational purchases more throughly...but it was never paid for via Discover or any other credit card. After faxing on this information on Friday, I received a call this morning (good thing I was home) with more questions. Can you explain the $400 purchase in December on your Amazon card? Which was easy to answer, Christmas gifts and such. She reviewed my payment history and even did a soft pull of my credit. "Based on the information received, review with the lending department and your payment history I am able to overturn the automated system's recommendation". However, should the automated system flag your account again in the next 12 months no exception will be made. So what gives? I haven't had anything rather unusual occur, my payments have been on time with them for over 4 years and I don't have any negatives on my credit or lates. If it happens again I'll likely just sock drawer it or cancel it entirely.
  8. Hey All - So I joined the Getting Ahead Association so that I could apply for membership with Delta Community Credit Union. The Getting Ahead website indicates that by joining, you can then join DCCU http://www.gettingaheadassoc.org/About_Us_10.html Once that was approved and funded, I then went to DCCU's website - and naturally, it doesn't list Getting Ahead as being eligible for membership. I then called DCCU and apparently they haven't accepted Getting Ahead in a while. I was advised of a few other sites to try - I ended up making a donation at a church they listed on DCCUs site, and proceeded with the application on DCCU's site. Fast forward to Wednesday morning - I get a call from DCCU asking how I was eligible - I provided the same information I listed here, and was denied membership - apparently donating to a church and being a full fledged church member are different although the e-mail from the church says thank you for your donation and membership but ok. The conversation took a slightly odd turn with DCCU when I was being asked if I provided inaccurate eligibility information on the membership form to get in - I even offered to send a copy of the e-mail from where I donated but they didn't want it. So that whole process left me with a bad taste so to speak - but it appears "getting ahead association" is no longer a way into DCCU.
  9. I'm a bit surprised (especially with those scores) that you would be turned down even for a secured card (not like you want it or should have to get one). I'm just surprised anyone would be turned down for that given your own money is being used as collateral. Clearly they don't want your business so I would move on as well. Sorry to hear that experience tho - I was turned down for one of their CC's for too many inquires and sufficient credit also. I just think they are very very conservative.
  10. You called it. After about an hour of phone conversations (started at 7AM right when they opened lol) all is well and membership was approved The new accounts department knew nothing of it and even said "wow, never seen a score like this before but this is why you were declined". Eventually I got to their lending department who in turn got with Anderah? Systems Support who joined the line with me since the lending officer said this score is way out of range and even said they have seen a few of these lately. They apparently went to some new online model and for whatever reason it has happened to a few others. They ended up re-pulling credit and asked me some Q&A information (different questions than what the application had on it) and the support person verbally provided the score - it was actually higher than the FICO score I provided in this thread but lower than the FAKO score...no idea but ok. The loan officer asked for it to be sent via "FTP" whatever that is....but long story short was approved, got rock bottom auto loan rate and was pre-approved for one of their cards which I turned down. Anyways - for anyone else who happens to apply and gets some off the wall score I would certainly call....squeaky wheel gets the grease and I was being very squeaky =)
  11. I believe this is what people say when you get denied due to "pyramiding debt". I've no idea what that term means, as it seems people get it for different reasons. This is exactly it...apparently PenFed is known to use that quite often for just about any reason.
  12. Would love to join PSECU but from what I've read I'm not elgible and I got rid of PenFed after paying off two auto loans with no lates and early to boot. They accused me if being Egyptian on my credit card app tried 6 mos later and was still Egyptian so booted them.
  13. Good luck at an amateur CU. Any recommendations besides DCU or NFCU? I have both but not impressed with their credit or loan rates/products. Tried Justice since they had pre-approved me at a great rate only to drop the ball with membership application process.
  14. Well perhaps I can fax them a copy of my FICO score document...but clearly something is hosed up and would hate to have wasted a HP. Any one who is more experienced have any suggestions on next steps? Never had this happen or even found anything similar on Mr. Google or on here...

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