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  1. My TJX Rewards card (Synchrony) had a $800 CL. Requested a CLI to $2500. I found their response humorous. We are unable to grant the full amount that you requested; however, we are able to increase your credit limit to $2,400.00. EDIT: Just requested a CLI on my Walmart card (also Synchrony) went from $2200 to $6600 (requested $11600), so I guess their max CLI is 3x. To me, the TJX just seemed funny.
  2. You've been pretty busy with the CLIs... That's fantastic!
  3. Interesting, I am in a somewhat similar situation myself. However, I'm barely able to get the min payments in. My theory is that I'd benefit from boosting my FICO. This will get me a higher approval rate for 0% balance transer offers. I'm going to try and attach a spreadsheet of (most of) my open credit cards.
  4. Thank you CV & everybody else for putting in all the work on this thread! Was approved today for a Citi diamond card - $3000. Applied online, somehow my address didn't go through, so they called me up for the address. When I asked the CSR if he could move some of the CL from my Simplicity he said I have to wait until I activate the card. So I guess I'll move the CL in a week or so.
  5. Around a month ago? I CLI'd my BOA card from $10k to around $21k. Probably could have done more if I'd have asked for more the first or second time. I wasn't sure how much they'd give, so I figured I'll ask for a little, then a little more, until they say no. Except, on the 3rd aren't they said no because I asked too many times. So I learned to research before CLI. Today I hit the discover love button & got $500 CLI. Why so little? Discover says I have a 812 FICO. Citi approved a new diamond preferred $3k My score was 750 last month & will probably drop shortly, I just BT'
  6. Hmmm. Maybe the thread is under review? Which IRS form is needed now?
  7. geez u most don't have a life, more useless garbageGeez ! more useless deriding behavior. Lmao! I. Gotta say I don't have a life too and actually read the links. Some are useful to me and some not but I think reading stimulates my own critical thinking. It gets the creative juices flowing. Keep them coming! Is it just me... or is this a XXX post? care to elaborate on your accusation? It appears that Kat was referring to the comment below, not your original post.
  8. Citi Amex Chase Barclays Discover TD bank BOA Cap1 Target Synchrony What I'd like to know is how much to ask for and how often. Thanks ETA: In the past, Chase had told me that I have reached the overall max that they can give me. Right now, it's at just under $84k total spread out over 6 (Chase) cards, 5 personal 1 biz. Credit score around 750
  9. If I'm not mistaken, there's a thread somewhere that discusses how much to ask for a CLI, how often, for each (or many) creditor. If anybody can show me the way, I'd be very appreciative! Thanks
  10. What a bummer... I completely misunderstood, lol. Just wondering, actually nah, it can't be possible... Not in my ignorance, but it still helps a lot, thanks!
  11. Thank you nyrfann! Just downloaded and read this entire thread, this seems much better than my own ss. This sounds fantastic. For a tech savvy excel ignorantish individual like myself, can you please post how I'd pull up mint with this ss? Thanks!
  12. If you get the year updated for one, it should be updated for all, even if they don't send you cards for all.
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