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  1. A notice that my vehicle manufacturer finally has the parts to replace my passenger airbag and I can schedule an appointment with my dealer, more than TWO YEARS after the recall started.
  2. Have you requested paper copies of your credit reports from all CRAs (Experian, Equifax, Transunion, and Innovis)? You mentioned you think there are delinquencies on there, but you need the reports for the specifics. Once you have those, you should post any negatives (after redacting personal info), in order to receive more specific advice.
  3. NFCU sent me an email a few months ago about a free Cardmfax report, but when I checked the website/googled it, it expired in July. I don't know if this is something they routinely offer or not.
  4. The one I get most often now is, “You will be taken under custody by the local cops. There are four serious allegations pressed on your name at this moment. We would request you get back to us so we can discuss this case before taking legal action.” I block one number, I get the same call again next week. It's like whack-a-mole, except way less satisfying. These calls, along with Medicare scam, medical alert scam, etc. didn't happen before my identity was stolen. My SO wants me to just change my number, but it's the one I've had for 17 years.
  5. I think (for whatever it's worth) that reducing the lending standards is a terrible idea. I graduated from undergrad in spring of 2009 with a BBA in real estate. The models we were shown in my real estate finance class were appalling. I have to wonder how much of the decline in mortgage apps/loans are due to the dramatic differences in wages and home prices for first time home buyers as compared to previous generations. When adjusted for inflation, the cost of living, home prices, and education costs are higher, while wages are lower. Something has to give and home ownership is probably part of that.
  6. I don't watch TV really, so I haven't noticed the ads. What I have noticed are reports that Americans are carrying higher cc balances again and the housing market is starting to scare me again. Though to be honest, I'm one who is carrying a cc balance right now. I had some health issues (including surgery) and the balance crept up. However, I'm working hard to pay it down ASAP--it's nowhere near as bad as my melt down in grad school, but I HATE paying interest and carrying a balance. If if a recession is coming again, I'd rather meet it with no consumer debt and a healthy emergency fund.
  7. Eh, 14 days is about my limit for sheets. Besides, fresh sheets feel great.
  8. Congrats! Chase and Amex are my next goals, just waiting for the last CO to fall off.
  9. Vantage score isn't used by lenders (except possibly a few oddball ones?). Fico is what is used by every credit card company, auto lender, and mortgage lender that I know of, though the specific models may vary ('04, '08, '09, etc.). A Vantage score is NOT indicative of your Fico score. There's a master list on here on where you can obtain free Fico scores, otherwise you can pay myFico.com--your choice. Also, your charge off is not the only thing pulling everything down. As those wiser than I have said, your utilization is killing your score. Is the CO unpaid? If so, it's also added into utilization.
  10. I wouldn't trust that wording. A paid collection can be just as a paid one (unless you have to have it paid for a mortgage, professional licensing requirements, etc.). In the agreement, the onus should be on the CA to have it removed from the CRAs, not the CRAs. If you dispute it later (after paying), the CRAs will confirm that it is marked paid and leave it at that.
  11. Do you mean why do the lenders give CDLs when the cardholder's score takes a drop? They are trying to limit their risk. Most routinely soft pull the card holders' credit reports and review them-- they have internal formulas or risk factors that raise red flags on your account. If they suddenly start seeing maxed out util, for example, they might drastically reduce your limit.
  12. New accounts (whether AU or not can take some time to appear). Who are they with? Generally, purchases on revolving accounts do not show until your new statement cuts, which also varies.
  13. Congrats on the approval and getting back in with Amex!
  14. NFCU GoRewards - $20,000 My last major derog falls off in about 6 months and I only have 2 open revolvers, so I needed at least one more. Now I can let it age and use the BT promo to pay down the Cap1 balance I'm carrying right now.

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