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  1. I’m currently splitting my checking between NFCU and Ameris (didn’t start acct with them, became their’s through bank closure, then a merger). As far as customer service goes, NFCU has been great (both in person and on the phone). I rarely use ATMs and there are many NFCU branches near me, so haven’t used ones eligible for the rebate/credit, though I’ve heard of it. No security breaches or downtime site issues that I have experienced. As far as problem resolution, the closest example I have is going into a branch this month to pay off my auto loan with a check that was also payable to NFCU. Took a couple of minutes for the teller to determine how to endorse it (with help of supervisor), but very reasonable in overall time. At the time, we discovered my debit card expired last month and I didn’t receive replacement in the mail that had been mailed about a month prior. She cancelled the replacement, warned me about any recurring charges I might have on that card, and then issued me a new, physical debit card while I was there. Every employee I’ve encountered there has also been very courteous, if that’s a factor for you.
  2. This. A classmate in high school got pregnant when they didn’t have condoms and they were too embarrassed as teenagers to ask for the case to be unlocked.
  3. You need to order your paper (not electronic) reports directly from the CRAs—not the 3rd party companies (including myFICO) you mentioned. Also, don’t dispute online—it’s best to do that through paper mail, also. There are threads about that, but unfortunately I’m on my phone and it’s not readily available to me. Have you checked out the pinned topics?
  4. Because a lot of people don’t read the fine print or investigate what it means—they count on enough people paying out of fear or lack of knowledge to outweigh the cost of postage, etc.
  5. Disregarding the whole carrying a balance and going to the trouble of listing your cards by APR if not carrying a balance thing, the typos on the spreadsheet hurt 😐
  6. More Medicare mailers (seriously wondering how I wound up on that list) and 3 political ads. The joys of having two separate Senate run-offs. All that wasted paper 😂
  7. The reporting should still only be 7 years (technically 7.5 years) from the DOFD, regardless of it they are CO or paid back over a longer period. Generally, making a payment can reset the SOL in which you can be sued over a debt, but it doesn’t change the allowed CRA reporting time frame.
  8. New driver’s license after name change (terrible photo and apparently they’ve gone back to black and white instead of color pics). Also Medicare mailers when I’m no where near eligible.
  9. One of my jobs is at an essential business in Georgia and our work has not stopped. We laid off a few people before PPP was passed, but we still have some work. Some of the workers have stayed home and asked to be laid off, so they get fed benefits in addition to state UI. Owners are letting people stay home without pay right now if they want, but not laying off anyone else, because we still have work.
  10. This was in the email I received today from Nationwide. Nationwide has helped our members through challenging times for 94 years, and together, we'll get through this one. To get relief in your hands quickly and simply during the COVID-19 pandemic, we are offering a one-time premium refund of $50 per policy for personal auto policies active as of March 31, 2020.
  11. I was working on PPP paperwork today for the company I work for. The guidelines still aren’t crystal clear, but the paperwork today required the previous 12 months of employee compensation (wages/salary, paid time off, employer contributions to insurance, etc.). We had to list it off by employee for each month, as well as the quarterly tax records. For PPP, the funds used for the 8 weeks following the approval (not application) are forgiven if at least 75% is used for payroll costs and the the remainder is used for things like rent, mortgage interest, utilities, etc. Additionally, if the payroll is reduced by more than 25%, the forgiveness is reduced also. Still not clear on if it is the number of employees, the total compensation, etc. For example, we’re an “essential business” and have the work, but some workers are taking unpaid time off, reducing the average payroll amounts, but not the employee number. Not sure what affect that has on forgiveness.
  12. It actually was stolen a few years ago because of the Anthem breach and closing the various cards, cell phones, etc. they was a PITA that I didn’t want to repeat, so pretty kept them frozen continuously since then. Usually just unfreeze the one that is most likely to be pulled.
  13. I’m going to app Freedom for the rotating categories and was wondering who they pull these days (creditpulls didn’t have that many recent entries and they were all over the place)? I live in Georgia and my reports have been frozen for years because of identity theft.

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