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  1. Chase Freedom CLI from $3,700 to $6,000 Had the card for 8 months when I called to request CLI.
  2. https://www.irs.gov/newsroom/irs-extends-additional-tax-deadlines-for-individuals-to-may-17 They’ve now moved the deadline for IRA contribution, as well. This actually will help me max out my Roth contribution for 2020–could have done it without the extension, but this makes it much more comfortable in terms of timing.
  3. Agreed. My spouse has been looking at a new vehicle (and talking about it!) for months now, but supply has been really constrained (for new vehicles) because of shortages and plant shutdowns due to COVID. What little stock of the truck he wants comes in is sold pretty quickly. The used vehicle market doesn’t seem to be fairing much better, at least where I’m located. I recently sold my vehicle to a family friend of my in-laws and he was very frustrated at that point with trying to buy used. There is little to no wiggle room in pricing from what I’ve seen (almost as bad as t
  4. I generally agree about Georgia’s DMV/DDS, with the exception of my most recent encounter. I got married in October and went to update my driver’s license in November (had to wait on certified copies of marriage license at a time when the pandemic had the courthouse mostly closed). Brand new license on newest design (apparently they update them like crazy in GA) and new photo; however, I received a letter this week that my license expires on my birthday next month. When y’all updated everything else, you couldn’t update the expiration date?
  5. I’m surprised they still offer them. The one and only time I used them was on a sponsored trip to D.C. where everything was covered besides souvenirs/incidentals and I was just barely too young for a credit card. I can’t imagine the reaction I would get if I tried to use them today. Would most cashiers even know what they are (based on average age of cashiers)?
  6. In all the upheaval of last year, I completely missed that free weekly reports existed.
  7. The title for the vehicle I paid off last month. (Along with more Medicare mailers—how do I make it stop 😩)
  8. Payments do not reset the time period for reporting (which is based on DOFD), but, depending on your state, could remove the SOL protections you have now (it can reset the SOL clock).
  9. I’m currently splitting my checking between NFCU and Ameris (didn’t start acct with them, became their’s through bank closure, then a merger). As far as customer service goes, NFCU has been great (both in person and on the phone). I rarely use ATMs and there are many NFCU branches near me, so haven’t used ones eligible for the rebate/credit, though I’ve heard of it. No security breaches or downtime site issues that I have experienced. As far as problem resolution, the closest example I have is going into a branch this month to pay off my auto loan with a check that was al
  10. This. A classmate in high school got pregnant when they didn’t have condoms and they were too embarrassed as teenagers to ask for the case to be unlocked.
  11. You need to order your paper (not electronic) reports directly from the CRAs—not the 3rd party companies (including myFICO) you mentioned. Also, don’t dispute online—it’s best to do that through paper mail, also. There are threads about that, but unfortunately I’m on my phone and it’s not readily available to me. Have you checked out the pinned topics?
  12. Because a lot of people don’t read the fine print or investigate what it means—they count on enough people paying out of fear or lack of knowledge to outweigh the cost of postage, etc.
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