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  1. I definitely did a double take the first time I processed the new W-4 for a new hire. I need to change mine, but I’m not getting a refund and didn’t have to pay a penalty when I paid taxes last year, so still somewhere where I want to be.
  2. I recommend still doing the police report and flagging your reports with an extended fraud alert and/or freezing them. A few years ago I had a CK alert about a new CC account and since I didn’t move on it immediately, they (the credit thieves) opened up one more CC, a cell phone, and attempted another CC and cell phone. It was ID theft from the Anthem data hack and I can’t help but think about how many hours of time I would have saved if I had put an alert on my CRAs the moment I got that alert. (Not to mention postage for all those CMRRR letters 😂).
  3. Do you have paper copies of your credit reports from each of the big 3 CRAs (Experian, Equifax, and Transunion)? If you don’t, that should be your next step.
  4. I’ll probably switch to that soon—I actually had an email about the bill pay from my bank this week. The current box of checks I still use are more than a decade old and list a bank that has gone through two changes since then (went under and acquired by another bank, then that bank was bought by yet another bank). I also do write a check to transfer money maybe once or twice a year, when needed to avoid fees.
  5. I pay our water bill with a check, otherwise it’s a 3% surcharge, and our yard guy only takes checks. That’s pretty much the only checks I write.
  6. I'm not advocating going cash only like Dave Ramsey recommends, but running a card through a reader doesn't have the same psychological effect as having a stack of cash in your hand that depletes every time you make a purchase.
  7. https://www.ajc.com/blog/airport/changes-and-higher-fees-coming-for-delta-amex-cardholders/lKxNUy4zyuith337ZIFZ3I/
  8. It's disturbing how much info is collected on people these days (and it's all for sale).
  9. There's been several threads about it. Apparently Walmart wasn't thrilled with Synch and transferred their credit card program to Cap1 instead. https://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?/topic/619800-capital-one-and-walmart-reimagine-the-retail-credit-card-program/
  10. Well, the CK skores are worthless in comparison to FICOs. As far as the baddies go, the DOFD is more important than the date paid. Without knowing more about your reports, letting the new cards you have age and trying to attack your baddies may be your best option. (Though, I have no idea what the Ollo card is).
  11. I got the Walmart store card when I was rebuilding. Hate Walmart, but was keeping it for the age and the free FICO. Now I’m just keeping it for the age.
  12. I missed this thread when I was gone from CB for a few years. It’s a great read.
  13. It doesn't sound like they have permissible purpose to me, if if is going to be solely in her name, but it probably depends on the language in the contract y'all signed originally. I'm not clear on the timeshare package deal, but when you say you had to "sign off of it" did you mean you were cancelling your stake in it and it would be solely her from now on?
  14. A letter from our HOA complaining about the "minor and miscellaneous plant debris" in our driveway, dated four days after Dorian came through a mandatory evacuation area. (It was actually cleaned the day the letter was dated.) Nice to know there are no bigger issues in our neighborhood than that
  15. At least there were a few people telling him that paying interest for a few FICO points is stupid, especially when you can just wait til the next statement cycle and use the $2 trick to regain the points.

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