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    Will Chase approve with an Experian freeze?
  2. I'm not 100% positive yet. I know I want Chase Freedom. I also need to get a Barclays (not sure which). And I'm financing our new furniture at Ashley Furniture. I will be up late tonight making lists!
  3. 06/17/13 I had a 482 FAKO & 32 negative accounts. Tomorrow morning (06/09/14) I am closing on our first (forever) home with 100% clear reports & 750-760's across the board. I never thought I'd see the day. Not gonna lie, I'm pretty excited about the app spree tomorrow evening as well THANK YOU, CB!!
  4. I want my FICO update! Come on now, what the heck?
  5. I did pretty much the exact same thing when I started rebuilding. I got a bunch of GE cards between 10/13 - 12/13. Now, 4+ months out, GE won't give me CLI's because all my accounts are too new, even though my TU score is significantly improved and my TU file is now completely clean. Hoping they have a change of heart in the coming months! Good luck!
  6. Will Capital One approve if Experian is frozen?
  7. Thank you for the congratulations, everyone! On another note, I can't begin to describe the amount of will power it is taking to NOT apply for new cards with my shiny new credit score. Must buy a house, must buy a house, must buy a house!!
  8. I had a phone conversation with Commonwealth Financial a couple months ago. The guy I spoke to said that they would delete the tradeline if I paid the collection in full. I have not (I am waiting until a LO tells me if I should or not) gone through with it yet, but that's the converstation I had with him. I plan on handling it via USPS if & when the time comes. But the way he spoke of it was as if they do it everyday. I have his name & extention somewhere if you'd like it.
  9. As a 26 year old married mom of 3, I was scared to death of the damage my 18 year old self had done. It was appalling & I could not bring myself to face it for many, many years. I started this journey on June 17th, 2013. At the time, I had 32 negative accounts (collections and charge offs), and a FAKO of 482. Because of all of you wonderful contributors to this site, I saw my first 700+ FICO score today. As the title says, I had to pick my jaw up off the floor. Totally shocked! My Merrick Bank FICO is 773 & Discover is 743. Granted, both of these are TU and TU is my only completely clean report, but EQ should have my collection that I paid to the OC removed by the end of the week which would make it completely clean as well. That leaves EX with 2 small medical collections ($355 & $248) which I am leaving alone for now & will follow whatever instructions our LO gives us when we apply for our mortgage. Since we need the middle score for the mortgage, I plan on putting EX on ice after the mortgage clears while I handle the collections if they were not addressed during the loan process. I began work on DH's credit the same day as mine. He started with a 520 FAKO and 17 negative accounts. His Barclays FICO on 3/18 was 698. Our utilization has dropped since then, so he should clear 700 at his next FICO update. He has 1 remaining collection set to fall off soon (disputing as obsolete ASAP) & student loans that were in default but we paid off a few years ago. He'll be left with those until 2016, I believe, but I am so happy he's around 700 now. To all of you just beginning, know that it is possible. I have obsessed over this for the last 9 months, but the proof is in black and white. 482 FAKO to 773/743 FICO in 9.5 months. IT CAN BE DONE! Dedicate yourself & you will get there! Again, I cannot begin to thank you all enough. Words are simply not enough. I owe it all to you.
  10. Okay, please don't laugh me out here for asking this... I've read and read and read and I feel like everything I read about bumping TU is 2-4 years old & I remember reading something a couple months ago about one puller no longer working towards B* (I could be totally wrong.) I have MPM via EIDT. I've pulled everyday, give or take, since I started rebuilding in June 2013. B* was never something on my radar. I was just pulling to track my progress because I had so many collections being removed. Now, its almost mortgage time, and while I wait for the last collection to be removed before we go for preapproval, I've decided to go for B* on TU in hopes of obtaining a few new cards or CLI's after the mortgage clears. I currently have somewhere in the neighborhood of 17 inquiries on there. I'm sure the mortgage will add a handful to that count as well. My question is--- What puller do I add that won't negate MPM? I'm fairly sure the answer is USAA, but I am not eligible for USAA membership. I'm pretty sure I read a thread that said you don't have to be a member to use their monitoring service, but when I go to their site, it wants me to login or verify eligibility. Thanks in advance, and I'm sorry if this is redundant.
  11. If Alliance One will not remove the negative tradeline, contact a FDCPA attorney for a free case evaluation. If they want to play, make them pay you and the lawfirm.

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