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  1. Welp, to make it even more confusing, after reviewing my EQ report, a PRM JUST showed up from AMEX, dated from 6/27/13. Why it's showing up a month later, I have no clue :/ Still no softs on EX...AMEX likes TU and EQ to send me offers, go figure Now I gotta be alert about all THREE of my reports for this app...le sigh...this is like russian roulette.
  2. Honestly, I wouldn't have the urge to app if it WASN'T for this offer! For no annual fee, it's too good to pass up!
  3. Thanks everyone for your replies! @mbl280, did you have a targeted offer for Blue Sky, or did you just app online? My reports aren't frozen, so I don't mind if they pull Experian. Just has more inquiries compared to my TU report. Guess I'll sit on my hands and wait for some things to age on Experian, if I don't find much else about the TU pulls!
  4. Hello Everyone! This is my first post on creditboards, but I have been using the site for a little while in terms of the credit pulls database, as well as researching threads. I'm having a little issue finding the information I need, and there are few, if any, datapoints in this regard: I received a targeted offer in the mail based off my Transunion report only for the American Express Blue Sky. It's one of the relatively top offers, with 30,000 bonus points ($400 worth of travel), 17.24% APR, and 0% 15 month intro period on purchases. I was not planning on apping for a long time a
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