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  1. Welp, to make it even more confusing, after reviewing my EQ report, a PRM JUST showed up from AMEX, dated from 6/27/13. Why it's showing up a month later, I have no clue :/ Still no softs on EX...AMEX likes TU and EQ to send me offers, go figure Now I gotta be alert about all THREE of my reports for this app...le sigh...this is like russian roulette.
  2. Honestly, I wouldn't have the urge to app if it WASN'T for this offer! For no annual fee, it's too good to pass up!
  3. Thanks everyone for your replies! @mbl280, did you have a targeted offer for Blue Sky, or did you just app online? My reports aren't frozen, so I don't mind if they pull Experian. Just has more inquiries compared to my TU report. Guess I'll sit on my hands and wait for some things to age on Experian, if I don't find much else about the TU pulls!
  4. Hello Everyone! This is my first post on creditboards, but I have been using the site for a little while in terms of the credit pulls database, as well as researching threads. I'm having a little issue finding the information I need, and there are few, if any, datapoints in this regard: I received a targeted offer in the mail based off my Transunion report only for the American Express Blue Sky. It's one of the relatively top offers, with 30,000 bonus points ($400 worth of travel), 17.24% APR, and 0% 15 month intro period on purchases. I was not planning on apping for a long time after getting 6 cards, since I wanted my credit score to continue to grow, but I don't have an AMEX in my arsenal, it was one of my future plans anyway, and why not start the goodies of future backdating early, eh? I've checked all my reports, and AMEX seems to like softing TU and TU only...I've also received a few Green card offers based on my TU as well, but there was no sign up bonuses involved and I have no need for a charge card in this particular point in time anyways. So my question is: Even though AMEX is an EX-puller majority of the time, and as long as my app requires only one hard pull, are they more likely to pull TU since they have been softing me there for offers, or will they pull EX anyways? If it helps, I'm from NJ. The database, though helpful, still leaves me up in the air because there are no reports about previous softing on TU before receiving a single pull on TU. This will help me decide when to app...if they will pull TU, I can app earlier and have a better profile (no inquiries) than if they pulled EX. Perfectionist me would like to wait for the balances on my report to be optimized anyways (1 card reporting low utilization while my other 5 cards are PIF to 0), and EX has some inquiries that will drop off completely or age to the 1 year mark the first week of August. Thank you

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