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  1. That’s a pretty disingenuous post there. Your own source shows Apple Pay is up to 3 times as success as competitors in the same segment. It’s hard to follow where you’re trying to go as you haven’t defined ‘success’ and you seem to be changing the goal post (e.g. colossal failure v. not success).
  2. centex, I see that you’re aggressively anti-apple but where do you get the idea that Apple Pay is a ‘colossal failure’? That looks like a hockey stick chart if I every saw one...
  3. Disputing valid debt can and will result in a fraud alert.
  4. That’s great, I didn’t say people make their purchase on their phone.... Look, I don’t have time to argue with someone who has comprehension issues. The Apple card will be a big hit and will change the way other credit issuers approach credit cards.
  5. This isn’t a millennial vs old people thing. I said most people have their phone on hand not most people make purchases only on their phone. In the same scenario you painted the person would have their phone right next to them they can read or generate numbers to purchases their plane tickets; nothing else changes.
  6. It’s actually more convenient to have the card number on the app as the typical person today usually has their phone in hand at all times while their physical card maybe elsewhere. Also, writing down credit card data is not PCI compliant and can result in the merchant getting heavy fines. Credit card imprinters are not allowed to be used any longer. I thought people on this board would know this? That’s why many modern cards don’t have embossed numbers anymore and any numbers have been moved to the back of the card.
  7. No, not having any numbers on the card would make the card utterly secure as no one can write down the number and commit fraud. The much vaunted card number will be provided in the form of virtual number issued from the wallet app on your phone. Meaning there is no one number associated with your account that someone can steal. “Apple told TechCrunch that it will provide a virtual card number and virtual confirmation code (CVV) for the card in the app. Those numbers can be used for non-Apple Pay purchases online or over the phone. They’re “semi-permanent” though so you can keep them for as long or as short as you want.” https://www.cultofmac.com/615920/apple-card-security-info/
  8. I can’t believe a link from 2015 still works, I got a $4k increase.
  9. LOL at the notion that Citi did this of their own volition without regulatory pressure.
  10. Mulvaney requested zero dollars for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.
  11. That $25 coin is fiat currency too... The $25 value is independent of the commodity value of the metal it’s made of.
  12. Those are ironically the states with the highest gay porn consumption.
  13. The only way I would do such a thing is if I had a committed intimate relationship with the person, maybe.
  14. I'm looking for airline miles or cashback. Really I'm just looking for the best signup bonus to churn.
  15. Thanks to the knowledge on this forum I was able to go from no credit to 794 fico. I was able to qualify for a better home than I had ever dream for at a super low rate. Now that that chapter is closed I want to app for the best credit cards possible. I'm looking for the best signup bonuses. Any ideas?

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