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  1. In Texas SOL is 4 years. The older, smaller one is outside SOL. I think I will go ahead and offer a PFD on this one. It is on my DHs CR. The newer, larger one is mine and I still have another 1 1/2 left on that one. I will let that one age a little longer before I offer a PFD. We want to buy a house early next summer so we will likely have to have it paid. I'm not worried about these too much. It's the repos that have me concerned.
  2. Today marks 30 days since I sent my initial letters out. Got validation in the mail today from AFNI (copies bills from OC). One is rather too large for me to PIF. Will have to offer PFD. The smaller one is 5 years old so I should be able to settle that one for less than balance. Other is only 1 1/2 yrs. old so I doubt they will take much less than full. Not what I was hoping for but they are valid. In the end it will feel good to have them behind us.
  3. Thanks SBA. So I just keep at it. I have TFC letters ready to print and mail to all non-medical collections. Do you think TFC would be better than HIPAA for the medical? So using the Texas law do I forgo sending disputes to the CRAs? My original plan was to just TFC the CAs. Want to be clear I am going about this the right way.
  4. Why Chat, I have my dispute form ready to send to the CRAs. But... I need to dispute some non-medical trade lines. Can I dispute them at same time or should I wait 60 days after the pre HIPAA dispute? Thank you!
  5. The only thing I sent CRAs are disputes pertaining to personal information. They weren't DVs. I used WhyChats dispute for them. Haven't received response yet. I haven't disputed any TLs with them. I sent a DV to the non-medical collections. and to IC System regarding the duplicate medical entries which IC S deleted for time being. All collections are within SOL. The only OC I have is Santander which was slot to them by Citifinancial after repo. I sent them a DV as recommended by someone on other board before I knew better. This is only account I have outside of SOL. Now, AFNI responded to initial DV with a verification. I followed it up with a TFC letter. No response yet. DH has a few collections and CO that are outside SOL. This includes medical collections, short sale and both repos as well as non-medical collections.
  6. Ok, the more I read, the more I wonder if I am going about this the wrong way. I started based on info from another site. They recommended attacking CAs first. This is what I have done (I don't have binder with me so I don't have details). Mine: Repo - Citifinancial later sold to Santander - sent DV. No response. Now realize they aren't a CA. Collections. 1 AFNI for old cell bill - sent DV they replied with standard verification. I wasn't yet aware of the Texas process. I then mailed a new letter invoking the TFC. No response yet. Medical collections. - planned to PFD so I left them alone except for two that I believe are duplicates. I sent DV and they responded they need more time and withdrew from CR meanwhile. They have been removed. husbands: Pretty much the same except more collections. Two repos and a short sale. I sent letters to CRAs to try to remove old addresses though none are linked to TLs as we have lived here for 8 years. But there are some errors on names I disputed. WhyChat suggested I start over on medical collections using HIPAA. Have letters ready to go out. Hope I'm not confusing anyone. . I read somewhere you have to DV through CRAs first or you can't use FCRA. Because I went to OC/CA first does that hurt me? Or does it not matter since I am using the Texas process? I also read that the process for non-medical should not be done while using the HIPAA process. So, question is, should I finish the non-medical first, dispute with CRAs before I do anything else, or can I work on medical and non-medical at same time? I want to do this right and not make anymore mistakes. Thank you
  7. Thanks. I am feeling more comfortable with my decision. We desperately need a newer, bigger vehicle. Kids are tired of us packing 6 people in our old car. We really want the house and don't want to jeopardize our chances on either. This will give me so much more breathing room and more time to save!
  8. Originally I planned to get a car first then mortgage 6-7 months later. However, the house is important to family so decided would be best to put off the car. Question is how likely would it be to get financed on a car immediately after new mortgage? I have more work to do on CRs but should be in a fairly good position by April or May to pre app for house. Thanks
  9. Thanks WhyChat. I got hard copies of TU and EX end of June. EQ didnt verify our info so we have to send for it in the mail. I have checked TU via back door and the accounts are still listed. I don't believe the clinic just randomly sent these invoices. They are old, some out of SOL. IC System never responded to DV but it has to be them despite the difference in balances. I have read your method and am following that on other medical debts I knew to be ours. We have some duplicates that I disputed prior to finding the Hippa process. Should I respond to IC S as though they never validated? They didn't send me anything, OC did. If the $408 is ours I dont want to pay $300 in fees. Couldn't even if I wanted to. We currently have $5000 in recent medical bills I am trying too pay. I don't have problem paying what we owe but it will take time. So with IC Systems do I start from scratch with Hippa? I have opted out but haven't deleted addresses as we have lived here over 8 years and nothing on CR is linked to them. Thank you!
  10. My DH got a piece of mail from a local clinic he uses regularly. The return address on the envelope is for the clinic. There is nothing in it except for several old statements, no letter. They date 2008-2010. Balances from $2-$88, totaling $110. I sent a DV to IC System that is for this clinic but the balance on it is $408. They wouldn't have sent me a stack of invoices totaling $110 when the balance on CR is $408 would they? That is a huge difference. How should I handle it? Should I send another letter to IC System to see if these statements belong to this account? Or should I call the clinic? If these are one and the same, I guess the OC still owns the debt since they sent the statements? If so, maybe OC will pull the debt from IC System. I won't be paying the full $408 though.
  11. I bookmarked the cover letter for ideas. I will have to through it again to find out more about the ITS letter.
  12. Oh... ok. That shortens plan by 30 days then. Thank you!

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