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  1. Whats that ex backdoor you talking about? disputing items on my report? Also thanks guys for the paper report suggestion. Will look into it.
  2. Annualcreditreport.com is asking me to mail them a letter to get my experian report i don’t know why. Is there any service (Free or paid) that shows the soft pulls on your report? Thanks
  3. I don't use the card for 24 hours then if I use it again it approves the first charge then the second it gets flagged for fraud. It's infuriating.
  4. Alliant blocks my card every other day. 5 blocks in less than 30 days and had to call them 5 times and talk to fraud dept to remove the block so I could use it again.
  5. I've never had my card get declined so many times than with this Alliant CC. Less than a month of use and already have talked to their fraud dept 4 times and will have to call tmrw because it just got blocked as we speak.
  6. Got mine the other day. Approved for $15k and they didn't ask me for any pay stubs or documents. Will do all my purchases on this card instead of my cap Sparks which is only 2% back.
  7. Only did it via the website. Never called. Fico scores in the low 800's
  8. Wow I though it was 5K for everybody. Everytime I requested a cli they said they don't provide any more than 5k for this product. And it wasn't like I didn't quality for a cli because I been using the card a lot and have other CC with 50k limit. In fact the lowest card I have is this amazon one so I don't know why they had me so low if you guys had 35k limits.
  9. Even $9.8k is far from the highest. Unless things have changed in the past 1/2 year, $35k is the max. I think you are confusing the card i'm talking about. This is amazon store card not chase's or from any other bank. When you google amazon store card nobody has a limit higher than $5k
  10. Just found out my amazon store card got a cli to 9,800 from 5k. I though 5k was the most you could get on that card but finally they increased my limit.
  11. Thanks. Did the dispute online via experian.com. Hope to resolve this soon.
  12. Hi! I recently purchased a car and I don't know how they listed my employer address as my main address. I would like to delete that address and update it with my home address how can I do this? Or are these address there forever? TIA
  13. The extra $130 is because they include apple care+ warranty which is $130 stand alone. So no you don't pay extra for the financing.
  14. RightAgentJoe

    TU R*

    Came here to tell you guys i just got 12 inq reinserted i'm in houston tx. Funny seeing these old inq to be honest. Most of them are more than one year old they will drop this year.

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