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  1. While this card IS ugly, I do prefer flat cards. It's easier on the wallet.
  2. Unfortunately this is a huge misconception. It is not the same exact service. Your data is limited, you have no roaming partners etc. Early termination fees IMO is absolutely fair game, as the cost is less than the difference between a discounted handset and the full price you would pay anyways.
  3. You should try for gas gift cards, they tend to have a better resale value, or consumer electronic stores. If you can get babiesrus I'll buy them from you for 80%
  4. Our first cards they generated numbers for us, the second we imput it into the field. They can merge them together if you forgot to enter it. For the hotel gift cards, there isn't a reason for them to trigger a cash advance fee. The only time where they may do that is if you are getting cash equivalents. (Visa,MC,Amex)
  5. http://millionmilesecrets.com/2014/07/06/can-you-can-still-get-100000-miles-with-the-citi-american-airlines-executive-card/#more-84682
  6. If you're quick enough and can swing the spend requirements you may be able to get 2 each before the zombie link goes away!
  7. Also on the dates being different, this is very common as EQ and EX always put the first of the month and TU puts the actual date.
  8. I just used the link in the wiki @ flyertalk on 7/2, confirmed by the rep on the phone as the 100k + $200 offer. (EX is frozen so I had to call, he confirmed the bonus unprompted) This is our 2nd one.
  9. To be clear, he may have just unlocked the phones and inserted another sim card, or he could of "flashed" it. Flashing does not only mean replacing the ROM, or operating system. It also is commonly used with CDMA phones in lieu of "unlocking" GSM phones. I.E "Flashing" a verizon phone to work on MetroPCS (Since both have CDMA networks) The most common carrier to receive "Flashed" phones is MetroPCS from Sprint or Verizon devices, (which include basic phones, iPhones and Android phones)
  10. Fixed! (You didn't rhyme, BW.) I dont think has trying to rhyme, he was trying to reference a famous... oh nevermind.
  11. I have to agree with this one here, if you've been on this forum for more than 5 minutes you should know to always expect a HP You asked if you could apply for a normal card, you should of known it was going to be a HP.
  12. we'll never know that though and most cell phone reps are young people working on commission. Judging by how many other postings I've found about the same thing happening with the same carrier I would almost go as far as to say they might be being trained to say this. How many young people even know the difference between a hard and soft pull? I am a district trainer for a major telecommunication company and I can assure you we DO NOT train reps to say it's a soft pull credit check.
  13. Cell phone contracts have always been HPs, clearly the rep didn't know what he was talking about but I'm sure he didn't lie purposely.
  14. Not trying to be mean but it seems like you may want to consider selling your car and taking the bus, as long as you're not upside down on it
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