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  1. Did it "look" like your other checks? You know, same design, info, and check number ordering? Is it possible that someone stole one (or more) of your checks? No it was definitely not from my check book. The check that hit my account had a completely different look, a check number that was in the 9900's (my personal checks have yet to hit 600...lol) looked to be computer generated, wasn't with my handwriting, and the signature line had a statement that said something to the effect of "signature not required.......via online authorization." I was really surprised that it even cleared but
  2. Thank you for the suggestion! I would never have thought to file something with the FTC, I'm going to figure it out and do it today :-)
  3. Yes, sorry I forgot to say my bank gave the money back with in a few days. And ICANHASMUNY it would be a PADD Transaction I suppose. A check was produced, well image of one, on my statement but it wasn't authorize by me.
  4. Needed to see if anyone can offer some good advice on what my next step should be. Here's what happened: a few months ago an unauthorized debit of $30 (I know. nothing crazy, but it's now matter of principle) was drafted out of my checking account. So I immediately contacted the bank who had me come down fill out an affidavit stating I didn't authorize this debit and had never heard of nor associated with the company that did it. I also had to change my account number ,order new checks, just the basic things anyone would need to do. Long story short, my bank said that "they would do wha
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