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  1. Is there a place on the web a person can obtain free NAIC industry risk rankings data more granular than the following link? It looks like Moodys sells a subscription service to banks that provides the data more granular than these free quarterly reports they put out. Perhaps there's other free data sources published somewhere on the web? www.moodysanalytics.com/Insight/Quantitative-Research/Default-and-Recovery/Middle-Market-Risk-Report
  2. @stroked89coupe . I was trying to PM you but that selection just returns "The member stroked89coupe cannot receive any new messages." Is that server bug by chance? Was going to ask about an outbound link. Thanks.
  3. I'd spent a little time this past week looking at a few credit brokers. Here's my cliff notes. Some of these details may be wrong...I've got to make some phone calls this week to discuss w/ these providers. ★Biz2credit -----> I think I read somewhere on their site they match businesses against the underwriting of 1300 lenders. (Biz2Credit takes a cut from the lender) ★RisingPointSolutions -----> They list on their site they match businesses against the underwriting of 2100 lenders. (RPS charges the borrower...don't know how much yet) ★Midwest Corporate Credit/Premium Capital Builders -----> They list on their site they match businesses against the underwriting of 200 lenders. (MWCC charges a flat 8% for LOC a person gets approved for) It also seems like there are some employee defectors from these credit brokers trying to make it own their own. Now what I'd love to know more than anything is the techniques/possible platform used by these providers to compare borrowers against the underwriting of the lenders. I may be foolishly hopeful I'd also read a post on another forum where a guy with great BLOC mentioned how he'd query SEC docs to filter out which lenders were generously lending to his NAICs code (real estate investment). He indicated by doing this he was able to track down more LOC and better interest rates than what was commonly being obtained by other investors shopping other common lenders with greater publicity (local banks & credit unions included). Does anybody here know a slick way to query SEC docs regarding the lending positions of lenders like that?
  4. I have some interest in this credit broker and several others. I completely understand everyone’s sentiments when it comes to shyster credit building providers and those that charge for much of what we can accomplish on our own. It is my hope however there is a credit broker insider lurking on CB. I think there could be valuable knowledge regarding how businesses can be paired up with the right lenders at the right time for the best terms/highest LOC. Here's my thinking. I have awesome personal credit. WIth that I'm able to use competitive marketplace exchanges like insurance.com, bankrate.com, creditcards.com or the healthcare exchanges to be prequal'd for various providers, compare and contrast them and choose what's best for me. It would seem just as useful for me when it comes to shopping BLOC and building business credit. For myself, my ability to obtain the best financing terms and obtain higher LOC for my corp is far more important than my personal credit. I'd like the idea of being conveniently matched with tons of lenders generous to my NAIC code and know I meet most if not all the underwriting criteria before I even apply. I don't like applying and taking a hard hit to my CRA score because I don't meet underwriting.
  5. Thanks for the welcome & the helpful response! I'd read though the credit building pinned post before & hadn't seen that suggestion included so I was curious. I'll have to remember about the external links. Thanks.
  6. One of my businesses didn't have trades until this year except for a loan w/ a friend a couple years ago of which he did a UCC. I don't want to apply just to get denied. Am I foolish to hope I could call GE underwriting or Equifax to find out if UCCs (verifiable via a filing w/ county registers office) could be considered as the credit reporting start date for the business credit age? Or if another member knows they're disregarded with Equifax/GE underwriting, I appreciate your sharing : )
  7. I noticed a comment from another seemingly astute person building business credit here that after obtaining a business voice mail, he notes as important applying for a Chase Mastercard just for denial. They indicated it's important for Experian & Equifax for some reasons. Can anyone else embellish on why that would be the case and that would or would not be advisable? I also read it's advisable to persue Chase backed trades or Citibank backed trades etc and "getting into their system" helps. If this is advsiable I wonder if the same could be said of applying for a Citibank line or GE Moneybank line?

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