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  1. Hello CB Family! I was wondering if anyone had luck getting off the NFCU blacklist. I had to file BK a few years back due to getting sidelined at work after an accident. Obviously I couldn’t pick and choose who I included in my BK and I regretted including NFCU and AMEX. I applied for a secured card with NFCU and was instantly denied for causing them a loss. I contacted them and asked how I could pay off my past debt (which is something I can do easily since my balance wasn’t very high on my old credit card. They replied that since I caused them a loss, I wouldn’t ever be a
  2. I haven’t logged on in a bit, but I’ve been gardening and bringing up my score after my BK discharge in 2019. I applied for a Lowe’s account and got a 7-10 day message with a reference number. I noticed that my credit was not pulled. When I called them, the overseas customer service rep transferred me back to a stateside fraud analyst. They made me go through some website to record myself for five seconds and the take pictures of my drivers license. After that, the verification website instructed me to call in with a passcode. I called back in and the woman put me on hold. While on hold, I got
  3. **Final update. I submitted the online form and supplied my bank statements and my account was unlocked today. There were no changes to my credit limit. I was able to redeem my cash back and look forward to my first year cash back bonus next month. I appreciate the feedback everyone provided and will most definitely not ever send a third party payment to a credit card company. I hope the date point helps someone in our community.
  4. Sorry for the delay in responding. I truly appreciate the replies. It was exactly 10k that was cut in the form of a cashiers check from my CU to Discover (moving forward I now know to put the money in my account first and send it though my own bank). My initial hesitation was supplying them information that they should and could asked before opening the account 1 year ago. Like I said, the cash back match is really all that I’m concerned about. I already have been approved for higher credit limits through my credit unions. While I would not want to lose available credit, my overall
  5. I just wanted to give a heads up to the CB community. Exactly a year ago, I open a Discover Card 9.5 months out of Chapter 7 BK and was given a 12k limit at 0% for the first 14 months. I was surprised at being approved and at the limit. I was honest with my annual income and they did not ask for pay stubs or anything else. Fast forward to this month and in anticipation of my 0% promo ending (and the rate jumping to 16.9%), I applied for a a 10k personal loan from my credit union to refinance the 10k that I had charged on the card over the year. Now maybe it wasn’t the smartest to g
  6. That’s a good point about my P.O. Box. I’ll have to think this through some for sure. Thanks for your insight.
  7. Was a 1k increase. My initial deposit was 1k and that was refunded. So I have a 2k unsecured credit card with them now.
  8. I just got a letter from them and they increased my limit. That was definitely unexpected after thinking this card wouldn’t graduate.
  9. I had joined them preciously by just opening a savings account. I believe it was a soft pull at opening of the savings account. i has read on here before that you could call in and apply for the secured card without a credit check and when I called in, the rep did confirm that since I was already a member, she didn’t need to pull credit. She sent me the docusign and I went to a shared CU branch to made my deposit into the savings account and they did the rest with getting the card printed and mailed to me.
  10. Yes. State Department FCU. A couple of data points: I applied over the phone in February, 2019 with no credit report pulled. The website was updated since then, but I didn’t recall the line about graduation. My interest rate remains the same 13.49% My credit report still shows secured, it it may update at the end of this month. I hope this helps someone trying to rebuild who doesn’t want to go (or perhaps cannot go to due to BK or charge off) some of the big banks who offer secured cards that graduate.
  11. I see. I haven’t thought about it like that. I do have a PO Box, but only use it for business mail. Would that work or would a UPS store with a physical address be better?
  12. I have not. I pulled paper reports to verify that all of my trade lines were reporting. I haven’t even tackled the BK. I was trying to read through the guide on how to get rid of it, but it seemed like the op had a new address and I don’t see myself moving from my current place until I’m called to meet my maker.
  13. I logged on to the app to pay my bill this month (second payment of the month actually) and noticed that my Secured Visa Platinum was now listed as Graduated Visa Platinum. I also noticed that my Share Savings account now has the entire balance showing available to me. I had never heard of this card unsecuring, so I called in and they confirmed that my card is showing as a regular Visa Platinum card on their end. So if anyone else had this card, you might want to see if you’ve been graduated. I never received a letter that I was graduating nor did any of my statements reflect this. Ba
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