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  1. Just an update. I sent the follow up dispute as suggested back in April and I received a response from the CFPB that they would review the dispute and if they find anything in my favor they will contact me and if I don't hear from them within 60 days the dispute is closed. Well it's been way over 60 days and still nothing. What's my next step?
  2. Thank You. I figured. Will see what happens.
  3. I just received a letter for a credit one charge off from a law office collecting for Lincoln financial recovery group for a credit one account. First letter I have received and the DOFD is April 2009 and I live in Michigan with 6 year SOL. I believe my next step is to send a validation letter within in the 30 day limit. Is this correct? Just wanted to know if there was anything else I should do. I have cleaned up credit thanks to this site and my score is around 680 -700 on all three bureaus. I was waiting to deal with this when SOL was up.
  4. Will smart credit and usaa work for transunion bump?
  5. No it's from promedica which is the hospital in our town. She's going to send the bill to Medicaid and see if they will cover it. I know they will go back like 30 or 60 days when it lapses.
  6. The bills are not on her credit report. She does have legal custody. As for the rest I'll have to ask her. Her ex tried being sneaky and put her daughters name down with her address. She didn't sign anything so I don't see how she could be held liable.
  7. Quick question. My girlfriends ex husband took her daughter to the ER and put the services in her daughters name and wrote down my girlfriends address and her info. The Medicaid was lapsed at that time and she's now getting bills that are addressed and in her 6 year old daughters name. She paid a couple payments on it but I told her to stop. Can they legally come after her for this bill? She didn't sign nothing and didn't even know he took them up there until she got the bill in her daughters name.
  8. I did not recon my limit. By recon do you mean call and ask for a higher limit?
  9. Will do. I just joined a credit union a few months ago. I appreciate the comments I just don't get why people have to have a know it all attitude when someone's asking a simple question. It's not like I ran out and closed them. I was asking if it was wise to do so. So I'll keep them open and not app for nothing else. I just don't want to get stuck with these cards down the road once I've had them for so long and end up having to keep them so I was looking for suggestions. I also have a paypal smart credit, is that worth anything for my score?
  10. We'll I'm glad I can be an example of what not to do. Your welcome. I was asking for input not saying I was doing anything. If I knew it all I wouldn't be on here.
  11. Ok. Thanks for the advice. Only thing that sucks is B of A does a hard pull to add money to my credit limit.
  12. I wasn't planning on graduating them. I was saying in a year my b of a can graduate to unsecured. I was just going to close cap 1 and open sky and apply for the cap one quick silver and stick with those for the next 6 months to a year.
  13. I currently have a B of A secured $700 (3 months old), Cap one secured $200( 2months old), open sky secured $200(2 months old), Kohls charge $300. I was just approved today for a Barclay rewards $500 limit. My question is would it be aright to close my open sky since it's not aged that long and so I don't have a dilemma down the road of closing it because it's aged for a while? I'm trying to replace my secured cards with unsecured. I'm thinking of getting a unsecured cap one and using it to replace the cap one secured as it is not that old either. I plan on keeping my B of A because I'm going to graduate that one in about 9 months. My fico is 664 at the moment and don't mind taking a hit in my score as I'm rebuilding.
  14. I got a response today From thte CFPB: Company responded Experian said: Explanation of closure Thank you for submitting your complaint on February 8, 2014 through the CFPB Complaint Portal. We appreciate consumers who take the time to let us know about their experiences with our company. We have reviewed and considered all the information you have supplied through the CFPB portal and directly to Experian. In your complaint, you indicate a debt collector has attempted to collect on a debt that is not yours. You further indicate you sent a validation letter and received no response. You are requesting the account be deleted. On February 16, 2014, we notified you through the CFPB portal that we need your complete identification information in order to research your complaint. Thereafter, we received your complete identification information and we conducted an investigation. The data furnisher responded and verified the accuracy of the disputed information. On March 20, 2014, we provided the results to you for review. For additional assistance, you may call the toll free telephone number provided on your personal credit report obtained directly from Experian, or write to Experian at P.O. Box 9701, Allen, TX 75013. For more information regarding your credit and frequently asked questions, you may visit: http://www.experian.com/blogs/ask-experian . Thank you for submitting your complaint through the CFPB Complaint Portal. It is our policy to respond to consumer complaints swiftly and to take each complaint seriously. We appreciate you letting us know about your experiences with Experian. I also went to the backdoor using my report number that I've been disputing off of and under status and status details it says: Status: Creditor cannot locate individual. $93 past due as of Jan 2014 Status Details: By May 2016, this account is scheduled to go to a positive status. This item remained unchanged from our processing of your dispute in Mar 2014. Whats next?

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