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  1. Steve_O


    With CreditCheck Total you can pull EX with FICO 08 daily. You can also pull EQ and TU 3 times per rolling 30 days, including FICO 8 scores. If you call to cancel, you can get it for $15/mo for two years. I also canceled CCMP, and I'm using KreditCarma to monitor EQ and TU changes weekly. Thanks for those suggestions! I have a lot to figure out now....
  2. Steve_O


    Sorry about that. I knew that thread existed but I was in it before the actual pricing structure was discussed a little further in. Thanks for the suggestion, signing up!
  3. Steve_O


    Take this with a grain of salt as it has not been officially stated as of yet and the rep I spoke to may have been mistaken. If you want daily pulls as of next month it will be $34.99. I did not ask how much it would be for just once a month. The new upgraded CCMP apparently includes a lot of things that Lifelock does, which is a real waste of money. Those that enjoy daily pulling may want to consult other options. While on that note, I have Transunion and Equifax taken care of with creditkarma and will just pull that once a week. Anyone know any good Experian pullers that work once a week?
  4. What happened to that Chrysler?
  5. Hey rslifkin I live in Somerset. I hope you find it brother! People are heartless. I'll keep an eye out as I am in and out of the area for work at times.
  6. I had someone from Barclays call me out on it one day. He stated, "I see you have a lot of new accounts, yet curiously no inquires from any of them"...lol I played dumb and told him I had most on Experian. I'm sure he knew....lol
  7. Wow, have to thank everyone for the very fast and encouraging responses. I'm going to get the ball rolling today. I'll update this thread after speaking with them.
  8. Was checking my reports today and they dinged my Experian with two trade-lines totaling $80. Kind of irked that they would have the balls to do this for a sub $100 account. This is medical in nature. I would rather pay for it without going through the HIPAA process as its such a small amount. All of my reports were squeaky clean prior to this discovery. I don't want any AA from my current creditors which is another reason why I'd rather fold and bite the bullet. Looking for success stories and also an outline of how this should be handled over the phone. I don't want to screw this up...lol I'm assuming I'd start by stating I am not admitting to the debt but would like to settle it. Then ask for a PFD letter which clearly states that the trade-lines would be fully removed prior to submitting any funds. (not marked as just paid) I think I may pick up a re-loadable card to pay for this. Any input appreciated...Thanks!
  9. I'm no expert but If you pay them all down to 0 or a reasonable %, even if they cut your limits, you should have a good chance in getting it reinstated. I would say be honest but no creditor wants to hear that you or your husband were laid off. Maybe say you had a family emergency (which you kind of did) and needed a few months to rebound. I'm sure that would be enough for them.
  10. Freaks and Geeks was a great show with excellent writing. Wish it stayed on for longer than one season.
  11. To lend anecdotal information to this thread I tried jumping from 6k to 12k via HP. They approved me to 10k. The rep did ask me why I had so many accounts. (20+) I told her they all serve a purpose, which they do. She then approved for 10k and told me to basically use the card more. She even insinuated maxing it without stating those exact words. With that being said, I do believe they like to see less inq's and new accounts. But at least they try and work with most of us. The good thing about Discover is they try not to slam the door on people. They realize the value of a HP and will do what they can to help.
  12. Wow...it just worked. I tried multiple times today. Guess it was a TU issue. 730

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