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  1. This is very interesting to me. I guess it’s probably going to save me a lot of time/energy/headaches just to file the disputes with the CRA. I do have the vehicle title and a letter from the dealer saying the account has been paid and closed. I’ll submit at least that with the dispute and cross my fingers it gets resolved in a “timely” manner.
  2. Hi guys, it’s been quite awhile since I’ve been on here, but could really use some guidance with an issue on my wife’s TU report. She was denied an auto loan because an old buy here/pay here lot was reporting an open loan with a balance. That loan has actually been paid off for 6+ months and the dealer acknowledges such. The dealer is saying they are unable to update the reporting status unless my wife files a disputed with the CRA first, at which time they’ll update through e-Oscar. Any ideas how how I push them to fix this, or am I stuck having to dispute it with the CRA and wait? I’m one colorado by the way...thanks for all your input!
  3. CA is a local place called Professinal Finance Company here in Greeley, CO. DoD was around the end of 2014 so I still have 2+ years within SOL. What happened was I did not properly withdraw in the proper manner so the Unsub Stafford loan was returned to the Feds and the school ended up charging me full tuition for the courses, which I was unable to pay st the time. Only thing they sent was a copy of the prom note...
  4. Evening ladies and gents. Don't do a ton of posting here, but have had great success cleaning up my reports over the last few years, thanks to everyone here. I have the last few pesky negatives I'm working on and one happens to be a 3-4 year old collection account that originated with a local (non-state affiliated) community college for over $3.5k. I've tried getting the school to recall the debt so I can pay them, but they won't budge...they say they legally can't. The CA sent me copies of the prom note several years back when I requested proof of ownership. I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions other than just paying 3k to Show as "paid" ....much appreciated
  5. subscribed! I just had PRA do the same thing...my cap 1 reporting zero balance. Curious to see what everyone has to say
  6. They were very nice when I called to recon after my instant approval. They asked questions about my employment/income, why I was requesting a higher limit, and wanted an explanation as to some baddies on my report. Bumped me from the initial $250 to $1000. Glad i called
  7. I probably got about 4 or 5 "No's" before I finally reached someone who was able to put me in contact with a "willing" EO rep. This was before I even knew about the EO office I was also told by a regular CSR that they have the power to remove lates without the EO's, but only if they are within the last 6 months. Who knows.
  8. They won't even consider removing any lates unless they occurred due to a "banking error." Once mine got removed they even reimbursed me any late fees that were a result of the late payments... ANY EO rep should be able to help with this as I made it a point to verify with 3 different reps about it and they all said the same thing..."banking error"
  9. I had success getting 2 lates from May/June 2011 removed from all 3 reports AND they provided me a letter to give to creditors stating they were, in fact, removed and a contact number they could call if they had any questions. Mind you it took a couple weeks to reach the right person, but it worked overall.... I called the EO directly and explained to them that the "errors," were simply a matter of a problem I had using Billpay service back in 2011. I explained that for some reason a few of my bills never got paid and that it was in error. They removed them for me because of this "banking error."
  10. road2freedom, thank you! Great release with some great info that is sure to help this situation
  11. Thanks Sunny...I had just never heard of a state that would require a full year lease to be paid even if it was re-rented. Guess its possible somewhere though
  12. Not sure if this is in the right forum, but I'm trying to help a friend out as best as possible. Heres the situation any advice is (as always) greatly appreciated So my friend moved to Holiday, Florida only a month ago and signed a lease on a privately owned house for herself and her 3 children with the intent of permanently relocating there. She just now found out that her mother has fallen very ill and now she must come back to Colorado to take care of her. Her new landlord is not very happy (obviously) and is now threatening to sue her for the entire year of the contract (it states she would be responsible in the contract) regardless of whether or not the landlady leases it out to another tenant. Is this legal in Florida? Any idea what kind of options she would have? My friend is NOT a citizen of Florida yet, although the contract was signed there so wouldnt the land lady have to come here to sue her since this is her place of residence? Thanks ladies and gents

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