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  1. Anyone have any updated contact info on HSBC? I'm trying goodwill with them for a PIF TL that shows a few lates. I have sent letters to the addys on credit report - no response .. email to exec - no response ... a letter to CEO complete with prior letters - that was received 2/13 so far no response ... TIA for any help with this ....
  2. Why would you think you could have them removed with a dispute? Are they reporting inaccuracies in the TL? Caution disputing these TLs unless they are inaccurate could open the door for suit. They are fairly new and still with OCs. There are many things to coinsider BEFORE you dispute a TL within SOL. I'm sure you aware there are two types of SOL. One is the state in which you reside and the other is the credit reporting SOL. Your state SOL would be an affirmative defense to use if you were sued for a time barred TL. After the SOL collection attempts can continue however the time for suing has passed. The reporting time for your credit reports is 7 yrs plus 6 months from date of last activity. In some states (ie NY) you can have PAID charge offs rewmoved in 5 yrs. Your situation as I see it is you have charge offs from 08. With the DOLA being 07 and 08 IMO the SOL for suit would be 6yrs = 2013 and 2014 and the reporting SOL a yr or so after that. You should be aware while they are not currently suing you these creditors may at any time. Depending on your situation and balances you may want to prepare for this. Being these are still with the OCs your options may be limited. C1 most often has all the necessary docs to prevail in court. As the SOL nears you may get dunned. And another thing, you should watch the courts and newspapers in your area. Georgia allows for summons/ complaint to be published in newspapers as an alternate way of serving papers. You would want to be aware of this to avoid a default judgement.
  3. If you're not sure of what to write or what to ask for *I* suggest you need to read and research more on here. Not judging you just looking out for you. Not understanding the process can lead to unintended consequences. Your first step in this is get the hard copies from the (4) CRAs first BEFORE you send out any letters. You will need them to correctly dispute the TLs. Also you may want to search for the 1 2 punch as this may be the way you need to go. And as far as your CRs are concerned BEFORE you dispute you need to opt out and remove any incorrect addys. This will help some http://www.whychat.5u.com/ as will doing searches for validation/ 1 2 punch / sample letters As I said Im not judging you just offering you some help/advice. We all were new once. There is a wealth of info on here for you to utilize. Can't stress reading and research enough. Also to add: The fact these TLs appear to possibly be within SOL for suit be aware that disputing them may awaken a beast. They may sue you - One of the unintended consequences I spoke of.
  4. You NEVER NEVER want to give a CA your SSN ... Send a short and simple DV (examples are in the Sample Letter Forum) You don't want to be long winded ... NO need to include/referrence acct numbers at this point. Just your name and address. Simple Letter: I am in receipt of letter dated XXX. It was received by me on XXXX. I dispute your claim in it's entirety and request validation. BE sure to include a limited C&D .. No calls to home/work .. Mail only to the address listed above. Send it CMRRR. Keep all copies of the letter and cert mailing in a safe place. You never know when it will be needed to produce in court.
  5. Paid charge offs can be removed after 5yrs. in NY.
  6. Are you in NY? How long has this been paid? How long before SOL for reporting?
  7. Looks good. Did you send this up the chain of command as I suggested?
  8. IMO You would want to keep only the required information on your credit report. Name/current addy/DOB/SSN. Send them a copy of your SS card along with a redacted copy of DL. Your DL# is not necessary. It might end up on CR. ID theft is rampant.IMO no good can come from having all that identifying info on a report that many unknowns pull and review. While they are supposed to have PP many third party entities pull for solicitation. If you send your cell phone bill *I* would redact the account number and the telephone number. However thats me and you may feel different. *I* want as much control as I can possibly have with my personal info.
  9. Also remember when settling to make sure any remaining balance is NEVER sold/transferred/assigned to anyone for collection. Get everything in writing. Signed by both parties.
  10. You will be writing to Ford asking for Goodwill. Include any documentation that supports your case. I gave you some examples of statements to use. You don't want to dispute with the CFAs as it would come back verified. What you do want to research is the proper place to send this. Sending it to plain customer service may not get you what you want. Normally they don't have the authority to adjust CRs and most likely they won't send it along either. Sending it to an executive may work better for you. Also do a search for Goodwill and look in the sample letters forum there may be some examples there.
  11. Well then they ARE playing with you ... There's no reason to update to paid first since they will be deleting the TL anyway. Makes no sense to me. *I* would send them an email/fax immediately demanding they delete as per your agreement. Then of course send a copy of that CMRRR. The furnisher of info contacts the CRA to update the TL. Once notifed the CRA updates your file. That timeframe, which the CRAs update, varies. *I* would state strongly immediate deletion and a confirmation letter or you will be exploring your legal options.
  12. You can certainly try. The worst they can say is no. It was an honest mistake and you should be made to pay for XX yrs because of it. Maybe use the statements like: your credit history is very important to you and have never been late before / being this is your first blemish as a gesture of goodwill will they remove the late especially since once you realized the mistake it was immediately paid. Good luck.
  13. Personally IMO to ask for the mortgage info is just a scare tactic. They can get that info themselves by pulling your CR and looking into PR. They dont need that info in order to settle. Even if they file suit it takes time to serve you. You most likely will have seen an atty by then. He/she can help you file an answer or settle before court. Make sure they have all the necessary docs to prevail in court and weigh your options carefully before settling. Then make sure you get the best deal possible that benefits YOU. Deletion of their TL or the OC TL is an option (doesnt hurt to try) because the TL will update to a paid for less than full amount or legally settled for less than full amount which IMO is no better for you.
  14. What type of debt is this? Have you tried talking to chase yourself?

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