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  1. @xelda: Very good advice. Separate the unsubsidized loans out first. Then set up automatic payment for interest only​ on all of your subsidized loans. Lastly, have your loan agent separate the loan with the highest interest rate and largest sum. Whatever money you have left over after interest should go directly to this loan. This method is not the most cost effective, but it is very satisfying and does save some money over just paying them all equally and it's a fairly easy strategy.
  2. I'm right side up on the car and I'm selling it for $1000 under blue book. I already have 2 interested buyers lined up if I choose to sell. The car I'm planning on leasing has 28 months before the end of the lease and 1100 miles per month left on it. I'm buying someone else's lease so there are no taxes or money down except for a $250 transfer fee. On a monthly basis I would be paying a third less than I do for the car I own now. The only thing that I don't know is how much more my insurance will cost.
  3. I've been reducing my debt for years to realize my dream of owning a house. I've paid off over $70,000 of my student debt over the last 5 years, but I still have $24,000 to go. Still, I am very close to having enough paid off that I can get a house much earlier than I expected. I looked into getting a mortgage recently, but they said that my debt is still too high to lend to me despite having a good credit score and credit history. In an effort to reduce my debt further and faster, I thought that a good option would be to ditch my car loan (19k) and take over someone else's lease. I figure
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