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  1. As of today Discover is now at $11,300 - a bump of $3800 from just April 2nd...
  2. So way back in July 2013 when I was repairing my credit, the first ever card I got was a Victoria Secret store card (via the cart trick). I've periodically requested CLI and it's went from $400 to $1700, but I'm not using it and it doesn't appear to be updating on my CRs for any of the 3 CRAs. I'm now in the position (in part due to the wisdom from CB) where I'm thinking I should close it because "Higher limits beget higher limits". Is that a smart move and if so, how could I get it to report one time to the CRAs so that I can show positive history (right now, it just shows No Data for each month)? How will this affect AAOA? Can I do a product change from this to another Comenity card that I could actually use? Semi-stupid questions but I'd like to back out of this as gracefully as possible. Thanks!
  3. Can't believe I've not seen this thread before today. Just knocked out a $1600 increase on a SP to go from $5500 --> $7100.
  4. I live down here in Orlando, FL and every day I log on to orlando sentinel and click over at mugshots. I can tell you, down here in Orlando, they arrest and prosecute these people all the time, there are arrests routinely for this stuff, they take it very seriously.
  5. Discover: from $5000 to $7500 ($2500 CLI) AMEX BCP: from $12,000 to $25,000 ($13,000 CLI) Hard to believe less than 2 years ago Discover was at $500 and my AMEX BCP was at $1000..
  6. I've went from $2200 to $3000 to $5000 and then just today I'm now up to $7500
  7. Got an Auto CLI today from Amex from $3000 to $4200 (oddly, at 3 am I bought 2 iPhone 6s preorders at $801 ea.). Logged in and did a CLI request to 12000 and received it
  8. Sorry for reviving an old thread but I'm also looking to pull in my statements from things like cable, electric, water etc etc. Does anyone have any suggestions? I have Mint but seems like it's always screwing up.
  9. Just got an increase of $500 from them today to a whopping $2200. wooo
  10. If you are going to refi car you should do that before credit card apps. Do your research on rates and approvals before you app for the refi. He's right. You should definitely refinance your car before you apply for credit cards. Thanks all for the advice. I just refinanced with Chase (original loan was at Chase as well) lowered my rate from 4.59% to 2.42%! [emoji3][emoji3] I also went to Lowe's to buy the stove I needed and went with a Lowe's CC. Initial approval $6,000 called the UW and was bumped to $25K without issue. Thanks again CB folks! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. And to bring this all full circle... Got the clear to close yesterday, I'm closing on my first home purchase on Monday. Three years ago I had scores in the 500s, fiscally unsound and no clear strategy to fix any of it. But thanks to CB and changing my mentality on my finances, I am so grateful to where I've came from to where I am now. I know after the house closes I'll be racking up a few inquiries for some new credit (Lowe's) and refi on my car to a lower interest rate, otherwise, I am in garden mode for a very long time.
  12. I'm slated to close on my first house this month (just wrapping up the conditionals now) and after closing, there are some things I need (lawn care equipment, lights) and was thinking of opening a Lowe's CC to get. However, am I better to wait from a credit line standpoint to have my mortgage report on my credit reports or do I app after buying the house? FICO 08 scores are 761 EX - 747 TU - 741 EQ I'm not looking to max out this card, but I don't want to app and get approved for 3k and then be at like 50% utilization after these purchases. So if it means sucking it up for a month and waiting for my mortgage to report, I'll do it. Thanks
  13. corys00


    Yes, the rate has been very volatile over the past month. I locked in at 4.25 last week.
  14. Just called and cancelled - The rep didn't mention anything about daily pullers staying and otherwise gave me no resistence to cancel.

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