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  1. So as far as bringing up the score as I saw away at the others, is it more beneficial to bring down the utilization of each individual card, or just the overall utilization?
  2. Adding some more info: Card Balance Limit APR Pmt Util Kohls $958.00 $2,200.00 $34 44% Barclay $1,694.00 $1,900.00 24.99% $57 89% Sears $4,358.00 $5,200.00 25.24% $143 84% Walmart $6,759.00 $7,900.00 22.90% $207 86% Lowe's $5,914.00 $6,200.00 26.99% $191 95% Chase $6,489.00 $7,000.00 22.99% $189 93% Discover $12,991.00 $13,200.00 20.99% $260 98% Paying almost $1100 per month just in minimums plus the $377 on the personal loan. Wouldn't it be better to boost the score enough to either get a personal loan at a good rate and then consolidate it all, or open a new large card and balance transfer some funds to a 0 rate? My DTI is low enough that i have room for more credit if my score would just come up a little. I'd hate to have a low credit score the whole time we're working on this. Never know when something comes up and i'll need it.
  3. CC info is as follows: current cards with a $0 balance: Card Limit care credit 500 littman 5700 target 1200 capital 1 500 v. secret 550 Home Depot 622 Remaining Balance Cards: Card Balance limit APR Kohls 958 2200 ??? Barclay 1694 1900 24.99% Sears 4358 5200 25.24% Walmart 6759 7900 22.90% Lowe's 5914 6200 26.99% Chase 6489 7000 22.99% Discover 12991 13200 20.99% Personal Loan is at $12,600 remaining @ 14.94% and payments of about $388. Car loan is in the last few months and only has about $1600 remaining. Almost all principle now. We do have a home and mortgage also. Looking at possible refi options to lower our payment, not to cash out but to free up monthly income to pay down debt faster. Util is around 75%, DTI is about 25%, scores are around 660, no collections, perfect payment history. Any other info? We are open to all suggestions. I know there are good ways to get this paid off faster while minimizing the interest paid but not sure where to start or what is best.
  4. Hey guys. Looking for some advice. Have about $40k in credit card debt, a $12k personal loan, and a car loan wrapping up with around $1600 left. Credit is right around 660 with the only problem being my current utilization of around 75%. My wife is a nurse and over the last 4 months has busted her hump working extra shifts. That, along with incentives, bonuses, and hazard pay have allowed us to put aside about $15k. We'd like to use this to fast track our debt payoff plan. In order to do anything like get a new low or 0 interest BT card, or possibly a large installment/consolidation loan we would need to boost the credit score a little higher. What's the best bang for the buck in this situation? Our goal is to pay it all down ASAP. The more money we can free up on a monthly basis, the more money we can put towards these debts. Also, most of these cards are close to 20% interest rate (if not more) so again, the less that we can spend on interest the more we can spend on principle. I know if my score were 40 points higher we'd have a ton of options. Just not sure the quickest way to get there. Appreciate any help.
  5. First App spree EVER!! House $275000 @ 4.25% Raymour & Flanigan LOC (Wells Fargo) $7600 Walmart Store Card $800 Chase Freedom $4500 Barclays Rewards $1000 Life is Good!
  6. Ok just getting back to this now. Could not have any active disputes during the mortgage process. I am going to attack this now because........... HOUSE IS CLOSED!!!!! We closed on the 14th and are still moving in. My family couldn't be happier. Whychat, I hope you really know how much you've helped my family. I know you don't do it for fame or fortune (lol), but i hope you sleep better knowing all the people you've truly helped. I couldn't have navigated all this BS without your help. Sincerely, Thank You
  7. OK, so i closed on the 14th and started my little app spree on the 20th. First stop was a Raymour and Flanigan furniture LOC through Wells Fargo Bank. 60 months interest free. Approved for $7600 line. Then to Wal-Mart to try for that Discover. Approved, but only for the store card. $800 limit. Tried to recon but no-go. Then per suggestions I went to Chase Freedom. Approved $4500 initial limit <-- totally wasn't expecting that. Next was Barclays Rewards, Approved for $1000. Tried to recon a higher limit but no-go here either. Finally went for the AMEX BCE, got the 14 day message. Assuming this is a denial. If I app for a different AMEX will they use the same hard pull or pull again. If it's another pull then this is where my spree ends. Not sure if BCP is easier to get or the same. Either way i did pretty darn well and i'm truly excited to grow this into much more. This board is awesome. I can't tell you where i was 9 months ago and with the help of many (special thanks to Whychat) I am a home owner with decent credit. I never thought this day would come. Now to pass it on and help some of my friends.
  8. Yes, opted out and deleted old addresses. This is only reporting on Experian as the other CRA's deleted months ago, long before we got to this point. I am a little confused? I thought the follow up letter with insert C is for the OC? Are you telling me to dispute with EX again? Basically start over with them?
  9. I do a lot of traveling but only by car. That is what the expenses are. Hotels, Mileage (approx 3k monthly), and food. sounds like the AMEX blue cash preferred is a good bet to get those limits up quickly. Is there a good number of cards to have? Should i keep the current secured card and pay to $0 or close it entirely. They will never bump the limit even with added funds and will never roll it into anything. Basically i was told i would have to app for an unsecured card then close this one. I have browsed the credit pulls and definitely plan to check there before i app for anything.
  10. Update, I did everything you suggested and paid in person with the letter. Have all my receipts and copies of the check front and back. This was done on the 4th. Today i checked the back door and the accounts are still listed as open collections. What is the next step?
  11. Spending habits, well for a long time i used cash because i had no credit. I'm used to working with what we have. I do have $2-$3k in expenses each month that are reimbursed so i would charge quite a bit on a revolving basis. I would assume this would rack up "Rewards" pretty quickly. What i'd really like is a few larger limits rather than a bunch of smaller accounts. I think i have enough income to justify. I get $80k annual salary plus monthly bonuses. I think my biggest goal is getting to a point where i can handle my own disaster without having to worry about it. If my car breaks down i want the reassurance of knowing i can pay for the repairs. Having a card to use as a safety net would be huge. With 4 kids you never know what could show up out of nowhere. I think 1 large limit card would be my first goal. What would be my best bet to start building a large limit? Are their some companies more inclined to give larger limits? Not talking $100k here. For me $10k would be huge.
  12. So after months of credit repair and tons of headaches everything looks to be cleared for me to close on my first home in 2 weeks. (Thank god for whychat). As soon as the house closes i want to continue this journey of credit repair and move towards credit building. I have 1 secured credit card for $500 and a $2000 secured installment loan that is almost paid off. I also have 4 student loans that are being repaid. The only negs i have are a few 2+year old student loan lates. I would like to app for some new things as my score is very close to 700 but obviously can't do anything til closing is done. Is it ok to submit some apps right after closing? Where do i go from here? What are some good things to app for? Any suggestions are very appreciated.
  13. I'm assuming this needs to be done via CMRR or is there any way i can do any of this in person (i.e. staple payment to hipaa letter)?
  14. So i first spoke with my lender. They said they could not exclude and it sounded like my only option was to contact a lawyer. They were still able to process my pre-approval and we are cleared to make offers now. It is just contingent on these being paid prior to settlement (ASAP). Next step i contacted the hospital again and asked specifically about the account numbers as I've already confirmed vie eomb's that they were legit at some point. This time someone was able to look into the older records and find these accounts. They said the accounts were sent to Berks and then sent back to the hospital as noncollectable, but that Berks still had the accounts in their system. They said i could pay the hospital directly. I told them i would call back on Friday. I then contacted the lender again and told them this. They asked that i get a copy of a letter from the hospital to Berks essentially recalling it from collections. I then called the hospital again and they said that they cannot give me any such letter. She said i would get a receipt showing that it is paid but that is all. She said they communicate with Berks only via e-mail. Unfortunately the account number the hospital uses is different than the account number that Berks is reporting to the CRA's. Even with these receipts i'm not sure this is enough to resolve this. I can pay certified mail with hipaa letter insert "A" if that is what's next. How quickly do you think it can be resolved. I'm assuming that there is no way of doing this process in person. Any suggestion.
  15. Any suggestion on how to proceed next? Lender is really pushing for these to be resolved ASAP and i don't know what to do. Certainly can't call the CA and don't know what to say to the OC without saying too much. I feel stuck at the absolute worst time.

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