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  1. Yes,It was from last year when I had some health issues. I got confirmation from the medical provider and after forwarding that to my insurance they took care of it. Thank you.
  2. I received a Collection letter from a CA for a medical bill. But when I check my 3 credit reports , nothing is there. And my credit still as good as before. Is it cause of the new law that they don’t appear on my Credit Report ? How can I use Why Chat's Programs ? Do I just skip the CRA dispute letter steps ? (Initial HIPAA dispute letter) ”PLEASE FOLLOW ALL STEPS IN THE ORDER PROVIDED, DO NOT SKIP OR OMIT ANY STEPS UNLESS INSTRUCTED TO.” Thank you.
  3. Update: Tried to contact USCB...dead end. Filed a dispute online (big mistake and waste of time), account came out verified. Then I applied the guide, sent 1st hand written letter, account deleted !!!, Credit score jumped to 743. In conclusion just stick to the guide. Follow the guide https://whychat.me/GUIDEBOOK.html
  4. Good day, and thank you for your fast reply. just got a report from the cra Experian and it is listed as - USCB AMERICA collection agency only show on my Experian not a medical bill. will do more readership in this forum and read some more.
  5. Freshly new collection on my credit report from Kaiser . but not sure if this is a medical collection as I never used their service. The only Thing I can think of is when I got medical coverage from my employer and cancelled the Kaiser health plan. on the credit report it say. Monthly Payment . Thank you.
  6. I had to deal with chase sapphire on a different matter and the only way to sort it out was to file a complaint with https://www.consumerfinance.gov/complaint/getting-started/ Emailed with chase back and forth for more than 3 months with no result . Then filed the complaint and within 10 days got a refund and an apology letter from chase. - On side and note the Chase Sapphire is a better value than the Amex Platinum.
  7. Or apply for more credit card and “invest in crypto !!!
  8. I had to google the “$2 trick” does it really works ?
  9. We are going to need a bigger wallet... Nahh I will put my fico on the head letter and at the signature line of my CV
  10. Thank's to the CreditBoards and all the members specially "Why Chat" cause of you ,now I have an uninteresting credit score in the 800's, No more trepidation and anxiety when applying for any credit card , I mean any premium credit card or credit. No more guess or roll of the dice as which application will be denied. Started my odyssey on March 2015 in low 670's and today on the 2nd anniversary of this campaign Exp 808 , Equ 817 , Trans 805. I couldn't have achieved this breakthrough without the help of the Creditboards . Thank you to all !!! p.s. read , read , read and read some more. search and read ...then ask.
  11. What about transferring balance to new credit card with 0% intro interest you could breathe for another 12 months.
  12. Or you can always order a metal credit card. https://metal-creditcard.com
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