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  1. Update. Items 2/3 are deleted from both EQ and EX - - - THANKS WHYCHAT!!! #1 - Sent the follow-up letter - made the mistake of sending it CM only. USPS never updated as rcvd. Resent CMRR and they are not accepting it. However, they did receive the CM one as I got a reply letter today. Letter reiterates what they said in the first letter and they state that they did not share any private health info with the CA other than amount due. They are stating that they have reviewed their privacy contract with their vendor and he has down stream protection??? He goes on to state, "Therefore, I am asking you to simply pay your account as due to the credit agency and to please cease your rather intimidating letters that are alleging some error on our part, when the fault for all this lies with you". The letter continues to state that while I say in my letter that the account no longer has any permitted business purpose, he says it does since I have not paid the collection agency fees. Remember, the bank check was cashed by the OC on 7/16. I did sent the followup to EQ and they reinvestigated. I received correspondence from EQ dated 7/31 that they verified that the account does belong to me. This was based on the followup letter I sent after the OC cashed the check. The CA did update to paid for less than the full amount. I have also sent the HIPAA complaint courtesy letter to him CMRR but I am betting that I will get that back as well. Do I go ahead and file the OCR complaint? Thanks again for the help WHYCHAT...
  2. Update on #'s 2/3. The second dispute being done by Equifax was still ongoing when I sent in the payment with Insert A. Check was cashed on 7/24 and I did recieve a completed dispute from EQ dated 7/29 where the verified all three accounts as belonging to me.
  3. Ok - I actually reached the point where I sent three different bank checks to OC's w/insert a. Verified that all were cashed. All were made payable to OC with the 'for deposit to the account of....only" written in the endorsement section. All matched EOMB's and were validated. I will try to recap who it went to and what has happened so far: 1. Continental Credit Control - rcvd green card back and verified that check was cashed 7/16. Rcvd letter from Dr. Office advising they were mad that I did what I did and admitting that they cashed it but that they would split the $$$ with CA and in the letter said they refuse to have the CA delete anything from CRA. Equifax is where this one is reporting and it has been updated to a paid collection with a July date...Prior to seeing the Collection account updated and getting the letter from Dr. , I did send the follow-up letters to the OC and the CRA. Nothing back as of yet. Back door does not show a current dispute on EQ. 2. California Business Bureau. Green card back 7/24. Check cashed 7/24 by OC. This is actually two separate collections from the same OC for two separate amounts/procedures - Check was for both. Both collections report to EQ/EX. Both were updated to paid collections this week. 3. California Business Bureau. Green card back 7/24. Check cashed 7/24 by OC. This is from the same hospital stay as #2 but a different OC. Both collections report to EQ/EX. Both still show as unpaid. Just checking on next steps. I assume I will still send the CRA and OC follow-ups for #2/3 but not sure what to do with #1. Thank You Whychat....
  4. Hi Whychat. Followed all the steps. After receiving verification and matching to my EOMB's I paid the OC with the insert A letter. I hand printed that the bank check was payable only to the OC. Received a letter from the CA stating that they were in receipt of payment and that the CA was payed in full and the CRA's would be notified accordingly. I have not had confirmation yet that the bank check was cashed so have not sent any addl letters to CRA or OC. Funny thing is that the date of the letter from the CA is the same day as the OC received the certified mail with the check.... Does the OC forwarding the $$$ to the CA change my next steps? Thank you for all of this knowledge and assistance. It is appreciated greatly.
  5. Hi WhyChat - I successfully paid the OC with your Hippa letter with insert a. The doctors office cashed the bank check on 7/16. How do I ensure that the CA takes it off of my credit report? Thanks so much for the help. I have successfully deleted a bunch of old medical accounts using your process and have 4 other payments out to the original provider using the insert a letter.
  6. tray - I am seeing the same thing on TU. According to all my monitoring services, I was able to bump TU from 18 to 1. 1 Mtg may be sticking. However, when I go thru the TU Back Door, I see all of the old hards still showing. Look forward to some insight from others....
  7. Bump for Why Chat - Should I pay the Hospital with insert (a)?
  8. I second what newearth just said. I did the same thing. My Experian report showed the payments they were reporting and that is what I pounded them on via the BBB....They caved and said they were deleting but swore up and down they did nothing wrong....Still waiting for it to drop off Equifax. It has dropped off TU and EX...
  9. Date of service was 7/2/2012 and yes, the original amount does match the EOMB for patient responsibility. They just added interest.
  10. What if I Don't know the song but understand the process and the spreadsheet? Can I B*?
  11. Why Chat - I got out both the DV to the CA and the follow-up to the CRA (once I verified CA receipt) for the afore mentioned California Business Bureau. Another question - I have another CA from Progressive Management Systems on both mine and my wifes reports. CRA's verified it and I sent the DV to Progressive and the follow-up to the CRA. Yesterday I received a 'validation' letter from them with an itemized listing of charges for a hospital stay last year - it does not show patient responsibility or anything like that. I am getting EOMB's for this visit. My question is around their letter - in it they state the following; "You will find an itemized statement; which includes he name of the facility that provided you the service, the date of the service, account number, total amount charged, and an itemization of the charges. This statement provides you with the validation of the debt." The itemized statement does provide the hospital name but nowhere do they provide info on an assignment to them from the hospital. Additionally, this was for my wife and it is showing up on my credit report as well as hers. The itemized listing shows her name only. Insurance was in my name but my name is nowhere on anything on this. What are my next steps on this? Thanks for all the help....
  12. Thanks Why Chat - yes they are all medical accounts and I have followed the process. Got quite a few deleted with the first letter to the CRA's. These three came back verified by EX and EQ and they are all with California Business Bureau for three different amounts. Should I list all three collection accounts on one letter or do I do six seprate letters all in one envelope to the CA?
  13. So, I opted out; deleted as many prior addresses as they would let me. 3 separate accounts came back verified by EX and EQ all from the same CA. Do I send three separate DV's for each verifying CRA or do I lump them all into one letter with all 3 accounts listed for each CRA? Thanks for the assistance.
  14. I just successfully resolved a CA with Portfolio Recovery thru the BBC - got the same kind of response. Do not accept there response. Advise that you have copies of your credit reports showing the increased balances and the additional incorrect info. Via the BBB, I advised PRA that I would file a CFPB and States Attorney General complaint. Just keep at it as BBB gives you the option of not accepting there response...Good Luck.
  15. Why Chat - This is a great explanation and clears up many questions/scenarios that I had....Thank You!

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