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  1. For larger online purchases, I often check evrewards to see who/which card, is offering the best reward.
  2. BBVA does one for certain professions. Search for BBVA professional mortgage loan.
  3. In your rebuilding thread, you said you have a FICO in the low 500s and 8 or 9 charge offs. Are you sure that the rate you quote above applies to your circumstances? I’ve never done a refi but this seems unlikely to me.
  4. Exciting and nerve wracking. Keep us updated.
  5. Are you calculating though Zillow or the like? I’ve made literally $203k plus in the past 10 months per those types of sites. Wouldn’t that be nice..... Just another kind of FAKO.
  6. Sounds like you’re stressed which is understandable. Maybe the first step is to identify short term goals, mid term goals and long term goals. Instead of a single mentor, this forum will offer a more rounded, collective wisdom. Different people have different areas of expertise as you continue on your journey. Is your more immediate issue debt? Or ability to rent because of your FICO score? Most student loans can’t be included in BK, as far as I understand. But before anyone goes deep into any particular topic, perhaps a triage?
  7. Credit Karma doesn’t give you FICO scores. They give you your Vantage Score, which to my knowledge, no one uses. These are often referred to as FAKOs. There is no correlation between this score and your real FICO score. This month my EQ FICO score went up 20 points and credit karma went down 100.
  8. Our pre-approval took hours or less. That was the paperwork we needed to make offers. I assume you already have yours? Once you are serious about a property, you have time to shop around, assuming a straight forward app. Once we had an accepted offer, we shopped around and our escrow company was helpful and discrete. We ended up going with our original pre-approval bank but also felt good that we had done our homework.
  9. While there is some debate, I've seen little evidence that opting out is a good idea. It won't have any impact on Collection agencies that already have permissible purpose. It will mean you won't get pre-approved offers. I don't recommend it. More detail and nuance is needed here. Is there a specific goal like Mortgage? How old are the collections you propose to pay off? Are they reporting monthly? How old are the items you will dispute? Are they out of SOL? Are they reporting monthly? Are they cc collections? Are there medical debts? Judgments? Repos? How many current and good cre
  10. Do not submit a mortgage application until you decide what you're going to do. As soon as the charge off companies see a mortgage inquiry, you will lose negotiating power. You listed "last activity" dates. Is this the date you first became late that lead to your charge off? Paying these off probably won't help your scores very much. The CU hasn't reported in years. If you pay them off, they will update the line item and that will hurt your score. You should be able to,get these off your reports as early as 6 months from when your first went delinquent. But that isn't generally from
  11. Not me but i usually book on schedule vs cheapest and if close in price will always fly Delta over others. Many others i know have similar loyalties to airlines and will pay slightly more to do so. This^
  12. I got back in after 7 years of inherited WAMU charge offs. First card took multiple conversations with UW. (Initial call, escalation to senior underwriter and then id verification.) I don't have a compelling story, just the same old, I crashed with the economy in 07/08. But history since then was clean, income is fine and Chase has been my bank, direct deposit, the whole time so they know that. Second card was after 2 year positive history with the first. I did have to call in to lift the freeze but very different conversation. Got approved easily. No one asked about my past transgres
  13. My New Mortgage started reporting and it tanked my Fako by 130+ fake points. Reality is FICO went up 15. My FAko came back up around 100 points within a week or two so something went wrong in regards to how it was reading the mortgage. Didn't worry me overall, but not going to lie, it did make me look twice.
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