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  1. What bank is best for a SBA loan ?
  2. Depends on the amount and personal score.
  3. I applied about year ago, they gave me a very decent credit limit but APR is 28.99% that is ridiculously high don't know why anyone want to do business with this company. I bought couple time and paid it off quickly.
  4. Owner of this thread got me a tempted, so heck with with hard pull on CR, I applied for business not personal got approved 22k decent limit coming from a citi usually they are very stingy, I guess they are losing up.
  5. Name and DOB is more than enough, I like amex but at the same time they are very sneaky with fine prints. they will pull owner's ssn no matter which cc you apply.
  6. hmmm.....I don't believe you, let me tell you why I have amex business and corporate credit card. Amex requires owners SSN and if you going to add employees they require their SSN as well.
  7. BRBiz - this is Amex and they are a PITA no phone call will fix to approval, once it is denied that application it will never turn to approval no matter what. Firefighter - this is just for Amex they do chocolate like that, make folks run around for no reason and still end up with a denial. other banks you can recon and get it approved but not AMEX, recon will not work.
  8. I like your persistent but here is a fact about Amex, If they denied you the first go around they will not approve that application. All their customer service people have been trained to trust the computer instead of human instinct, My suggestion to you firefighter to wait 3 to 6 months and re-apply second round maybe the computer might be in a better mood and approve you.
  9. Congrs, CAP1 sucks I have one too but I put my card to sleep a 1 years ago.
  10. Applied online and waited 10 days, today finally I received a letter in mail, approved with 5000 dollar, very low limit.
  11. 80 Paydex score never really helped me with my vendors.
  12. I do remember reading about it. I just never found time during the day to call.
  13. If you have or had Office depot Net 30 account thru citibank, they dont report to DNB, only Equifax. Look like everyone is departing away from DNB. Maybe DNB will die

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