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  1. Just as a side note- I am certain that BML is Comenity not Wells Fargo. (I have called asking for CLI). Unless maybe some accounts are Wells? Maybe that would explain the absence of a love button...
  2. I did this a couple years ago. Its a pull that looks much like USAA-CCMP complete with FAKO and nifty little score histogram line graph. When I signed up for the wells service I could only pull once a month, and I think its around $15/month if you keep it past the trial. Because it is a Wells Fargo service, they will happily auto-deduct the payment from your account each month.
  3. First app since february- Approved for commenity bill me later (rebranded on the front page but still BML once logged in). Limit: $1001 I know I saw someone else with the same inital approval limit. Has anyone had recent luck with recon? I was hoping for more. I already called front line CSR who told me to try to purchase something more than my credit line and see if it goes through (uuuhhhh yeah sure buddy), and I also called a previously listed back door number (that no longer shows up on more recent recon lists) and was given the main number again....
  4. Congrats on that awesome credit line! and FYI my Freedom card is my favorite rewards card in my collection, I love using it and I bet you will too!
  5. WOWOWOWOWOW Im switching back to paper only At least its just contact info. Everyone should be aware by now that you have to be certain the person on the other end really is who they say they are.
  6. Discover is my second lowest CL, preceded by BestBuy, which is definitely getting the ax before the next fee comes due.
  7. Just a little past a year ago I went on a 5 card app spree. A couple of my initial limits were $1000 with Barclays and another $1000 with WalMart/GE. GE has been steadily increasing and is now over 3k a year later, and out of no where Barclays bumped me up by $1500. I have not had much change, I use and pay my cards regularly, have only added 2 inqs since the beginning of the year, and had maybe 10 or so age off. I have a couple sources for B* but I have had so much other stuff happening that I really have not been pulling all to often, and might cancel if I didnt appreciate the additional info over what the free sources provide. Anyways.... Thank you Credit Boards!
  8. Well, after brainstorming keywords I found what I was looking for, so I am going to leave this link here for anyone who sees value in it. It will calculate what you keep after taxes and contributions, and calculate retirement savings with a way to factor in employer contributions. https://www.gwrs.com/mpgwl/MasteryServlet#Results
  9. What I have heard not what I know: Local credit unions and small local banks. You will likely have to walk and shake hands with some people. These types of lenders stick to their local markets.
  10. The commissions associated with selling annuities tend to be very lucrative for a talented salesperson. If it were me I would put money elsewhere.
  11. Hi All, I have recently started a new position. I am anticipating a higher tax bracket, and my employer matches 50% per dollar up to a certain amount in monthly 401k contributions. The last time I did taxes I was eligible for a tax credit for Roth contrubuions, because my income was below a certain limit. The tax deduction value came out to roughly $.50 decreased tax bill per dollar contributed to the Roth account. I am anticipating (may be wrong here) that (for tax purposes) 401k contributions will be calculated in a similar fashon. Does anyone know the math involved, or can point me to resources? My goal is "chart" tax savings to 401k contributions so that I can maximize the benefit of employer matching without reducing my living budget too far. I want to feel that I'm making more, after all! thank you all in advance for your help!
  12. I dont see it going there. After a few years selling insurance I took up a temp gig with a major health insurer, assisting with the renewal of small biz group health policies. The day HCR came into effect the underwriting department shut down. There is no one there anymore, and it is now illegal to take pre existing conditions into rate consideration. So I believe you are safe there.
  13. As far as selling car parts on ebay goes, I had a friend who did pretty well with that (until he got tired of it). If you know of cars that have enthusiast markets, you will know what some parts are worth. One example: a differential that can be had for ~$50 on 50% off day at your local pick-your-part typically sells for upwards of $800 on ebay. Sensors such as the mass airflow can be a quick $40 flip on ebay or craigslist after purchasing them for $10. My friend who did this once sold all of the body panels off a datsun 270z to a buyer in the Netherlands who wanted the parts for his project and appearently couldnt source parts from anywhere closer. You wouldnt believe what the shipping costs came out to, but he paid. There is money to be made if your willing to crawl under cars stacked on old wheels and pull parts for yourself.... (and if you know what parts are worth $$$)
  14. I thought if you disputed legit inqs your reports coudl get red flagged for application fraud? Is there something different going on here?

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