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  1. maybaby


    I bank with USAA and could go on for days about how awesome they are! Hopefully once our credit improves we can get a cc with them but for now I'm happy with having our savings, checking and insurance through them. Checking is FREE. Free checks, free ATM fees (anywhere in the world), free online bill pay, no monthly fees, etc, etc. Our home/auto insurance is 30% cheaper here than through State Farm and we were 10 year State Farm customers with no accidents or tickets. Customer service is top notch and they go the extra mile for the military community and their sponsored family members. At first I was worried about not having a local branch to walk into but there is no need. I can mail my deposits or upload them through my phone or computer. It takes about 2 days for my mailed deposits to show up. Uploading them is same business day. We still have a chase account open but I prefer our USAA one over Chase. I've read nothing but good comments on the USAA credit cards so I have no doubt that product is just as good as the others. As you can see I have nothing but good things to say about USAA. Love them!!! Forgot to add that I have the credit monitoring service through them at $12 per month. I checked and they did not do a hard pull for either of us. In order to sign up you have to provide the social security number of the person that is/was military affiliated, or they have to sponsor you and send you the information directly.
  2. Thanks for the insight. It sounds like waiting it out and paying whatever we can on that loan is the best option for now. Is there an amount of negative equity that is doable? Is it better to pay down the loan and try again or just keep paying and then come up with more cash? I was hoping the finance guy at the dealership could provide some scenarios or numbers as in come back when the loan is at 3k, you have 5k cash, etc, etc. They didn't offer anything other than the rejection letter so any solid advice is much appreciated! Thanks again!
  3. I have seriously considered it. With hubby gone I'm a little leary since a) I don't know much about cars and dealing with potential buyers that want to test drive the car, logistics, kids, etc. Although I do have lots of teenage nieces that are looking for cars so maybe something like that could work out. Great advice and I'm going to start looking into that possiblity!
  4. We have two 2005 vehicles. We owe $3500 on vehicle (pos 1) in hubby's name. We owe $7000 on vehicle (pos 2) in both names. Went to dealership in December since I'm having tons of problem with POS 2 and paying tons in car repairs each month. Told dealership bad credit (623 TU) and need game plan of what to do to get into a reliable vehicle. Sales person said no problem we'll give you $2800 for trade-in and roll $4200, then sent us denial letters with no explanation. My question is this...what is the most feasible way for us to get into another vehicle? Hubby is deployed and obviously paying off the car in his name is going to be easier than paying off 2nd vehicle. However I have the higher credit score (yes, sad I know) and income. Currently we are storing his car so we only have to pay for deployment storage. I'm driving pos 2 since it's a minivan and we have kids to haul around. Neither vehicle has a high trade-in value considering the van has over 110k miles on it and the car is a Cavilier with 80k miles. I'm going to try and ride it out as long as I can but I'd like to formulate some sort of plan so we can get out from the mess with pos 2. Since hubby is deployed we did get the 6% interest rate reduction so I'm trying to throw whatever money we have at both loans in hopes of getting them paid off or at least down as much as possible. Anyone have suggestions on this? TIA!
  5. I agree about them playing games. I wouldn't put anything past these crazy people. Ever since I contacted the AGs and BBB about them they have completely got nutso crazy on us. I have never dealt with such insanity in my life. I'm fairly feisty and crabby and can handle most things on my own, but my husband is starting to worry with all the emails he gets from these people and how aggressive they are. I really wish my DOJ contacts were around today....yikes! Thanks for your advice!
  6. I'll try and sum up this 5 year nightmare into the main problems. Got auto loan in 2005 at 19.95% - shortly after bk7 discharged. In 2010 DH joined the Guard and was recently deployed. We sent SCRA letter (04/2010) to lender (shady a$$ subprime, bottom of the barrel) and they wrote back that they would honor the interest rate reduction but our payment went from $411.48 to $650. Yes that is right the payment increased. Why we don't know. They will not answer us. They will not provide accounting. They refuse to cooperate. We are unable to pay $650 per month but can pay the $411. They will not take the lower payment. They will not cooperate. They are basically telling us to eff off. In October they sent a repo man to my house to serve me a letter stating we better come up with the additional payments. I called in $800 that month which is all we had. In the meantime I have contacted JAG who referred that I send on my info to the DOJ. Sent all info including emails from subprime lender to deployed husband calling me "billergent (sic), stupid, bad wife, etc. " because I don't believe the accounting is accurate, what have you. These people are insane. The one collector even referred to herself in an email as (and I quote) VeitNAIM vet (sic). Again bottom feeders of the world work for this place. They just called me and said they were sending this matter to legal and that the car would be picked up this weekend. I'm not sure what to do. I know the DOJ is reviewing the matter and I have also contacted the Family Assistant Specialist in our area for assistance in the matter but its going to take time as there is 5 years worth of correspondence and crap from these people. It's not an overnight fix and I believe the lender knows this. They know that it's going to take time for the DOJ to act as well as obtaining complaints and letters to the AG's in Michigan and North Carolina regarding the matter. So my question is this...it's a holiday week NO ONE is working at the DOJ and I can't get anyone at the Family Assistant Center right now. Do I just let them take the car or try and avoid them this weekend and start calling my DOJ contacts first thing Monday morning to inform them what is going on. I'm so effing tired of this crap. These people harass myself and my husband daily. He is constantly receiving emails from them (and yes we've said ALL of them) with their nonsense. At this point I'm emotionally drained from all of it yet I can't afford to have my checks garnished which I believe they would do should I let the car go back. Sure they can't touch my husband right now, but they can sure go after me and I have 3 kids to take care of and work a fulltime job so I have to have my paychecks in order to pay for daycare, health care and so on. I'm not trying to get out of this debt, I'm just trying to MAKE the lender provide an accounting of how in the *&^* an interest rate reduction INCREASES the payment. Suggestions or is this just a lost cause....
  7. Ugh that story just broke my heart. I hate collection agencies and everything they stand for. Jerks!
  8. Yeah I'm just nervous because dealing with CW/BOA is essentially dealing with the devil. I hope something good comes from it. I just want them to honor the loan mod that was in place last year. Jerks...
  9. Last year due we entered into a loan modification with CW. When BOA took over our account in April we found out in May that our loan modification was not going to be honored. BOA demanded 8 months worth of payments that were applied to the back of the loan per the modification or face foreclosure. I flipped out because we never received any sort of notification about the cancellation of the modification and these a** clowns up until May 26th continued to tell us our account was fine and the modification was completed and in the system. On the 26th the BOA/CW rep, a complete and total biznatch informed me that BOA does not have to honor the modification and that we don't qualify for any assistance and that we better come up with 8 payments, yada, yada, yada. So I write my letter of all letters and send it off to Michigan Govenor, Michigan AG, Michigan Senators, Michigan Housing Authority, Michigan District House Reps, HUD, ACORN, Obama, Biden, BOA President and BOA VP. I started getting emails and phone calls stating that BOA needed to provide answers, etc. Yesterday I find out that the State of Michigan has filed a federal regulatory banking violation on my behalf. I'm curious to know what does this mean? Does this mean they will require that the bank stick with the modification that was in place? I'm trying to get in contact with the person at the state level but haven't had much luck just yet. I'm actually surprised anyone read my letter let alone took action. I basically went off in my letter talking about predatory lending, TARP funds and how the banks weren't helping anyone but themselves, etc. The contact at BOA in the presidents office yesterday told me that they could not discuss my account with anyone other than an official from the State of Michigan or someone from the FTC. Is that a good or bad thing?
  10. I wrote a letter explaining our situation that BOA stepped in and reneged on a loan modification we had from a year ago and never notified us and then demaned 8 months worth of payments. I sent my letter to the following folks... Obama Biden Michigan Govenor Michigan AG Michigan Senators Michigan District House Reps Michigan Housing Authority ACORN HUD I received notice that the State of Michigan filed a federal complaint against BOA for regulatory banking violations. I don't really know what that means for my situation but it was nice to hear that someone actually read my letter and took action. I would highly advise writing everyone of your elected officials and telling them all about the games at CW/BOA.
  11. maybaby

    Being sued

    Yes that is correct. Why would I get a rude awakening in court? Thanks. The court is probably going to look at this and say; you owed the bill, you just did not like the way it was presented but it is accurate and now Judgement for the Plaintiff in the amount of the bill plus interest, court costs and attorneys fees and you will now have to pay even more than the bill was and you will likely have a judgement that will stick on your credit reports like glue. Expensive principle. But the bill is not correct. There are several charges on the bill that are inaccurate that we can prove. I still don't understand how the daycare can get away with holding my husband responsible for something that isn't legally his. Exhusband and I set up the daycare account for our son to follow the specific court order. Daycare at the time was able to handle the billing and we didn't have problems until the new billing clerk came on board and decided to change it to make things easier for her. I do not dispute that there is a balance owed - however the daycare should be able to provide an accounting for that portion of the bill. It seems to be two seperate matters with two seperate sets of parents. I can see how the judge would get pissed though and just demand that we pay it which is why we will probably have to hire an attorney. There is two seperate issues at hand and the only issue that involves my husband is the balance for our daughters daycare which is what my husband is disputing. He provided the attorney with our accounting and showed him how his client was charging our account for the following years tuition and supply charge when they knew that our child would not attend in the fall. The handbook clearly states that as long as we notify the director by June 1, they daycare cannot nor will not charge for next years tuition and supply hold.
  12. maybaby

    Being sued

    Yes that is correct. Why would I get a rude awakening in court? Thanks.
  13. maybaby

    Being sued

    so is there a default judgment or not? i'm confused. The attorney is petitioning the court for a default judgment. We go to court in September for the judge to make his/her decision on our case. Does that make sense? Thanks!
  14. maybaby

    Being sued

    I'll try to sum this up as best as I can while providing all the necessary information and details. My exhusband and I have joint physical and joint legal custody of our son. Son went to daycare center and billing salamander had trouble understanding that we each were responsible for 50% of the bill. For years we had issues and they never seemed to go away. Fast forward - I get married and have daughter with new husband. Daughter was enrolled in same daycare as son. Daycare for some reason put my sons bill (my 50% share) on my husbands account. I told them many times that the account belonged to me and that my husband would take care of daughters account. We finished out the school year in 2006 and disenrolled our daughter and son (for my share of the time). Daycare gave us a bill that was not accurate and included all of my sons charges - bill/account in my current husbands name. I disputed the bill and told them to correct it and that we would pay it. They never contacted us with any revised billing and we didn't pursue it due to other circumstances. Sometime this spring maybe in April husband receives a collection letter demanding payment for the incorrect amount. Husband contacts creditor and tells them that he disputes the bill and that he will pay for the charges for our daughter but that the charges for my son belong to me and my exhusband. I really have no idea if my husband had any other contact with them other than this time. I didn't get wind of any of this until he was served with papers. So collector gives our account to their attorney who files for a default judgment in the amount owed according to daycare center. Husband gives me court papers to deal with. Anywho I file the answer with the court and serve the attorney with my answer via mail - which is allowable in Michigan. In the answer I provided an accounting of amount owed for daughters account in my husbands name. I provided an affadavit of my divorce settlement which states that exhusband and I are legally responsible for son and that any and all charges should be removed from my husbands account since it's an entirely different matter. In the answer I mentioned that we would like to take care of the amount owed for daughters account in leiu of judgment or garnishment order. I ask that the court dismiss the plaintiffs request for judgment since they did not provide accurate information. So does any of this sound legit. In my mind it does, granted, I'm not an attorney but I've had to respresent myself enough in court to be comfortable with providing an answer to the court prose. Should we have retained an attorney? The lawyer called my husband and told him that he would gladly see him in court. Does this mean that my husband is basically screwed and that he will be responsible for both children? My husband is furious with me for fighting the charges - apparently he would rather just open the checkbook and give these a$$holes our money since whatever they say goes. WRONG I know they (plaintiff) is full of sh*& and I can prove it which is why I felt comfortable answering. But now I'm worried that maybe the legal responsbility of son isn't going to matter in court since I'm now legally married to husband in which the judgment is for. Does that make sense? Any words of wisdom? Did we screw up royally by not hiring an attorney? Thanks for reading through all this.
  15. I'll try to keep this sane and rational as can be but I'm about to come unglued with this mofo's! Our 20% 2nd mortgage was sold from Countrywide to Litton Loan. We knew there was a chance of that happening when we purchased our house. Since Litton obtained our loan there have been problems. First their excuse was they were not receiving our checks on time thus the reason they were marked 10-15 days late charging fees, etc. So we tried calling in the payments over phone and the aholes would still wait 10-15 days before running the payment through our bank - even after me calling daily asking WTF is the problem. Then we resorted to overnighting certified checks via UPS. This way we would have tracking numbers, etc. Of course there seemed to be a problem with that method as well and they still waited 10-15 days to process payment. Finally at their urging since they were sick and tired of me complaining all the time we agreed we would Western Union Quick Collect our payments every single damn month, which cost another $12.95 in fees and a rather timely process. Yeah tell me Litton and Western Union don't have some sort of agreement with each other... We thought everything was fine and dandy until we started receiving certified letters from Litton stating that our account was in default and the loan was being accelerated to foreclosure status. This has happened for two months now. I call them the minute I receive these letters and they tell me everything is fine and dandy and something is wrong with their system that sends out those letters and to not worry because we aren't in default, blah, blah, effing blah. I did some research on Litton and find that there are many consumer complaints just like mine. I've read that we should keep impecible records (which we do) but what else should I do to protect ourselves from these blood sucking vultures? We are going to try and refinance but in the meantime what should I be doing? We have record of every single payment made. Anything else? Should I complain with my state's AG? BBB?, etc? How would I go about checking with my county or state to make sure a notice of default hasn't been file? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! TIA!

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