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  2. WTF is a Checking Line-of-Credit? A really low limit CC? Did you leave checked on the app the part about over-draft coverage? Some here have reported a hard inquiry for that. Yep, it's actually backwards and you need to initial if you DON'T want it. Not the normal way where you would initial that you DO want it. I initialed and wrote on the paper app decline overdraft loc, and they still open the premium checking and hard pulled EX
  3. You can dispute online as "not mine" they may "verify" several times but in my case 4x did the trick
  4. There is nothing you can do about it...they have permanently blocked active AU accounts from your report. To prove it terminate your AU status on one of the cards and when the card reports magically it will reappear!!! IF you are without sin(in the eyes of Equifax), you could write the executive office...
  5. Nothing new, have you heard of a pharmacy, liquor store, or tobacco products?
  6. Paying your debts is not something to be shocked at nor ashamed of. Yes it is, if you understand what money is...
  7. All Scores 760+, currently have chase ink 2k, chase ink charge card, BofA 5k. My personal limits go up to 30k. 2max inquiries
  8. They don't do joint accounts....I asked the Execs.
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