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  1. Does anyone know if applying for multiple credit cards is like applying for a mortgage (all inq w/in 14 days count a 1 hard inquiry) as it applies to inquiries?
  2. you can draft a real estate purchase agreement and customize the terms so long as both parties are willing to act oh boy.... my income over the last 2 years is not anywhere close to where it would need to be. I grad in May and will have my Pharm license no later than July. Then I will be making at least $103k/yr confirmed. Been with the same company for 5 years. I was told I can go full doc as soon as I get my 1st paycheck at my new position and rate by 2 LO's.... Are you saying this is not the case?
  3. I found a place I want, but would rather close around July, since my income will mucho better then. Otherwise i'll have to do reduced doc with higher rates, then refi, etc. Where I am buying the closing costs are brutal, so I don't want to pay them twice in 6 ot 7 months. Credit is great. So does this happen much? The house has been on the market since at least october. I was thinking to offer: - asking price? - asking price plus pay the P-tax until closing? - asking price plus pay their PITI until closing? (their PITI probably is low compared to what mine would be due to appreciation, if they even have a mortgage at all...) Maybe put the their P-tax or PITI as earnest money or something that they would get at closing, with contingencies of course? Either way I do it, i'll save more money than paying my PITI + closing costs X 2..... Does this ever happen? any advice on how to go about it?
  4. have DH use caution as some Dayquil/Nyquil products still have PSE in them. some are reformulated, others are not.
  5. ok, i have no idea how credit scores work. even with the hard inquiry on 12/18/05, my mid score today was 737 courtesy of myfico.com
  6. No I'm quite aware it is not the pharmacies rules'. It's the "big brudder" guvment doing this to protect us. I just think it's silly that I get "cut off" at one place, yet I can go right across the street (or to another Walgreens ) and get the rest of the stuff. Not that I'm in a habit of buying tons of cold products at a time, but if I'm truly sick, it's nothing for me to buy Nyquil, Dayquil, Advil Cold & Sinus, Tylenol and some cough drops (especially if I have coupons for all of them) just be careful with all those cold preparations, alot of them have duplicate active ingredients. I see 2 duplications in what you have listed. There is alot of tylenol and PSE in nyquil and dayquil already (i am assuming you are taking 1 day and 1 nite). no need to add more PSE with the Advil C+S or more Tylenol with the.... Tylenol. Too much Tylenol will fry you liver and too much PSE will increase your Blood Pressure(which causes all types of macro(heart, major blood vessels) and microvascular(eye, kidney, male organ,etc) damage; and these damaging effects cannot be "felt" as they take place, leaving you unaware that they are taking place. Of course you may be adjusting your regimen based on symptoms, but you would be surprised how many people buy stuff they don't need, or duplicate therapies, etc.
  7. If you think that's bad, the Nyquil police cut me off after 5 items once at Walgreens. Apparently now not only are some items behind the counter and you have to show id, but also the items that are still "on the shelf" are being limited in how many you can buy at one time. The dumb thing is, I can walk across the street and get the rest of them at CVS and no ones the wiser so what are they really accomplishing here except ticking me off?? Oh well, they gotta keep life exciting somehow I suppose. RIGHT! And don't EVEN get me started on my opinion of them having methodone clinics for these people!!! I mean, it's good if they are TRULY wanting to get off of it -- if it's done for the right reason, but around here in my state where meth has gotten really really bad....some people go there to get their FREE fix!!! UGH!!! It just burns me up!!! methadone and methamphetamine are 2 completely different drugs with completely different effects... they give methadone to heroin addicts, not methamphetamine addicts. and don't worry about the cost of methadone, it is cheaper than dog chocolate. seriously, it is dirt cheap. and most certainly alot cheaper than the $ spent on police, prison, and other costs associated with those addicts that will do anything to get their fix. would you rather have them rob your house, or go get thier free fix that cost all of 15 cents? of course you could of been being sarcastic... Oh and pharmacies do not make these rules about how many bottles or packages of PSE containing ingredients you can buy, thank the government for that. Trust me when I say it is a pain in the as for us too. Sure you can go to Walgreens and then CVS, though I would preffer that you go to Walgreens and then Walgreens Oh and we don't take down any personal information at my pharmacy, you just have to be 18+ years of age.
  8. well, i couldn't resist so i went to myfico.com and....... Your FICO Scores FICO Score Report Date View Until TransUnion 712 1/5/2006 Equifax 737 1/5/2006 Experian 747 1/5/2006 they are actually better than b4!!! i have no idea why....
  9. wow, the mortgage broker is the one that pulled from creditplus.... and the creditplus is the inquiry on 12/18/05. how in the world can they get mortgages for people using FAKO's i wonder? here is exactly what it says for each CRA in the creditplus report: EQUIFAX/BEACON 5.0 TRANSUNION/FICO CLASSIC (98) EXPERIAN/FAIR, ISAAC (VER. 2) These are FAKO's? Are the 5.0, (98), (VER.2) coding for something?
  10. Just curious. Are certain companies a bit "looser" than others. Myfico was 702 midscore then creditplus was 722 midscore maybe a week or 2 later.
  11. The next company to pull will not have their own inquiry counting on that pull. The creditors typically use all inquiries within the past 6 months, or within the past 12 months. You are assuming your new lender uses 12 month date, which is 50% likely. You do not have an inquiry from Discover on all three reports, so it is only relevant on your mid score. Is that what you are saying? So Discover pulled EQ on Jan 22, 2004? What are your revolving accounts showing relative to CL's? A payment on any or all of them, if you do it a certain way, might bump your FICO a bit. The discover shows up on all 3 CRs with a date of 1/21/05. I have 3 open revolving accts all under 10% utilization. When you say "creditors use inquiries w/in 6 months" do you mean the CRA's? I'm not concerned with the # of inquiries affecting the morgage, just the # of inquiries dropping the score under 720. When a company pulls the credit, do they calculate the scores, or does the CRA calculate the scores for them? also, i had pulled myfico and my midscore was 702. when creditplus pulled it was 722 only a week or 2 later. is creditplus "looser" than myfico or something?
  12. Like it says. I'm going to apply with another company since they have access to more favorable terms. The only other inquiry in last 12 months on my CRs was from 1/21/05 from Discover..... should I wait until 1/22/06 to have them pull credit? EQ-722 TU-707 EX-742 via Creditplus. as you can see, my midscore at the time was 722, which is >720, which is great for mortgages.... I don't want to waste an inquiry only to have it come back 719 or something.
  13. haha!! i'm in the exact same situation! well almost. i guess you just have to figure out if you want to wait or not. maybe do pre-contruction? you can get a loan now, the rates will be a little higher b/c of the doc types you will be limited to. but then you can refi after graduation full doc and get lower rates.... Um....I'd be careful here. You will not get a loan Stated unless you FABRICATE the income. NINA and No Doc may work, however you'll likely need to make a downpayment. Your best bet is to listen to Dallas' recommendation. Good luck. 800s i do make a bit more than $15k/yr; lots more hrs ~$40k/yr now, plus the GF will be living there as well and she will be contributing almost that..... also work for mom bf's contruction company to pick up an extra couple grand when i can...
  14. pharm student, grad is in may also.

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