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  1. Better than the Aintgotnone Insurance Company, I guess.
  2. This is incorrect. Here's the entire paragraph: Deposits into accounts of new customers (open for less than 30 days)--Next-day availability applies only to cash, electronic payments, and the first $5,000 of any other next-day items; the remaining amount from next-day items must be available by the ninth business day. You may choose any availability schedule for deposits of other checks into the accounts of these new customers.Your check wasn't a "next day item" unless it was drawn on the same institution.
  3. I have EQ and TU frozen, lo and behold they pulled a hard on EX, but approved for the requested limit.
  4. My oldest 2 cards with them are from 2009 and 2011, never late, no CLI's ever as far as I can remember. They're no where near my other credit limit with nfcu.
  5. Doe urine helps bring in the bucks during the rut, calms other does and helps mask any other scents. Who in their right mind would put it on their clothes?
  6. No cages or screened lanai's here in OH, we already have a 4+ foot fence.
  7. I have been taking them since December. I take the lowest dose they have once every 8 hours. It was a PITA when I had to go in for a new script every 7 days. My pain management Dr. (had to see him for a cortisol injection in a pinched nerve) can write 30 days at a time. Without it my shoulder is in unbelievable pain but it's slowly improving. I agree Breeze maybe the doctors should be the ones practicing medicine. Not Walmart, not the DEA, not the pharma companies.
  8. Sad. He was a great actor and funny as hell. He was at SMKW in Gatlinburg once representing SOG knives and the line to see him was unbelievably long.
  9. It's really not that difficult. There's a good chance you won't even have to change out the strikeplate, especially if you buy the same brand that's already on the door.
  10. If you accidentally placed this magnet or these magnets on the meter and your usage did go down from the prior history, I'd soon expect a large bill for the missed out electricity that was received but not paid for.
  11. It's a Prius. Have you looked to see if anyone was throwing anything at you?
  12. I'm going to say it varies by location. Here, in Ohio, if it's on the house, in my experience homeowners insurance will pay to remove and cut it up plus repair the home. Also, even if it's not on the home we have some coverage for removal, but it's limited. Read your policy.
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