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  1. I am typing a letter with my correct name and birthdate and will send that to them with a copy of the license. I did find the report number. It is in the footer of the page. I understand why the blue ink and background. Is using the handwriting font in word a bad idea? I can print and handwrite the entire thing if that is better.
  2. Also, I just noticed that my name and birthday are wrong on my Equifax report. What do I do to correct that?
  3. OK, so today I have opted out and sent the FOAD letter to the CA for the old bill. I am typing the credit dispute forms now for the other 4. I have a few questions: When using the Word version of the form, is it OK to leave the form font in black, but use blue handwriting font for the answers? The bills are reporting to Equifax and Experian. My Equifax report only shows the first 3 numbers of the account number for each item (344XXXX for example). Is this how I need to put it on the dispute letter? My Experian report shows the full account number. My Equifax and Transunion reports both have a report number, but the Transunion report does not. Can I send the letter without it? All of my reports came from annualcreditreport.com. After this, I will mail the letters and wait.
  4. "In any collection account that is over 2 years old it is more than likely that the reporting CA has NO VALID assignment from the OC." What does this mean?
  5. I don't know. I received dozens of bills, so it is possible I missed a few. To be clear, I am not trying to avoid paying them if they are legitimate. I just want to take the correct steps do they will be removed from my report.
  6. That's awesome While I am here, I have 4 others that are on my credit report from a brief hospital stay in 2014. I paid every bill I received back then, but I need to get these removed from my credit report. Looking at Why Chat's HIPAA process, I would need to do the following: 1. Send dispute letter: http://whychat.5u.com/hipaadisp.html (I send this only to the CRA that the debt was reported to, right?) 2. After I receive a response THAT VERIFIES THE DEBT, send this letter and full payment to the original debtor: http://whychat.5u.com/hipltr.html Is this correct? My mortgage broker recommended calling the collection agency and getting them to send me a letter stating it would be removed once paid. This sounded far to simple, that is why I am asking.
  7. ICANHASMUNY? - Yes, the letter from them does state that I can not be sued, but it says nothing about reporting. I was unsure if medical bills followed the seven year limit. I read the pinned post. We are working with a mortgage broker who has already done that, so I can assume that it was that process that alerted this company? Why Chat, thanks. So, I need to opt out and delete old addresses (saw that on your site) and send the CA this letter? Also, pardon if I have missed it somewhere, but what does FOAD stand for?
  8. I have been reading up on Why Chats website, but I am a little confused. This item is not on my credit report, but I don't want it to be. Would this be where I should start? http://whychat.5u.com/ltrcavalhipaa.html
  9. My wife and I have been working on cleaning up our credit and paying down our cards. Today I received a letter from Dynamic Recovery Solutions telling me I owe a little over $6,000 from a hospital bill in 2005. Now, this bill was for a failed surgery that I disputed 12 years ago and never heard from the hospital afterwords. Can they report this to the credit reporting agencys as a collection account? I am really not sure what to do about this right now. We are hoping to buy a house in the near future.
  10. bgandy

    Chase ink

    So according to Chase, they only require this information when you add an employee online. It is simply for identification purposes. If you call they do not ask for it. They told me and my boss that the company is liable for any charges. They did not do a pull on me at all. Thanks for the replies. It had me wondering at first.
  11. bgandy

    Chase ink

    My company currently has an account with chase. My boss went online to get me an employee card today, but the application for an addtional card was asking for my social and mothers maiden name? Is this going to pull my credit? Why do they need this?
  12. So today I am going to type a DV letter to send (would have done it earlier but my daughter had surgery last Friday). I do have a different question. Is it legal for this company to file a collection account like this after nearly 7 years?
  13. Florida is like that. In some states, they will suspend driving privileges and or professional certifications/licenses for unpaid child support. (I am all for enforcing child support; I just hate it when it is done in counterproductive ways.) NJ is one of those states. Basically, any/everything non related to driving = can/will suspend DL.
  14. Thanks for the help. Should the debt validation go to the company that called me or to the bank directly?
  15. I noted everything in the call and was able to look them up online. I have the address for ESM Enterprises (which ironically is the same address as a company called "Check Assist". What do you mean by "DV Them"? +1 Get it in writing. Get what in writing? The man at ESM Enterprises gave methe information for the bank and wants me to call the bank. Me to. I have always either deposited them or direct deposit from work. +1 Get it in writing. +2 Only thing that can be attached to your DL (as far as I know) is anything related to driving. Have you checked your reports lately? Could be they sent the dunning letter to an old address. Yes I checked my credit report today after he called. There is a new collections account under the name "Charter" for the amount. Whew, I am glad you tried first. I was going to give it a shot when I got home from work...

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