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  1. Update on this...everything was deleted except the one $207 (#5 above) collection on Equifax. I disputed once again with EQ and then filed a complaint with copies of all disputes/documentation with the CFPB, and then sent a copy of the CFPB complaint to EQ. They reinvestigated and have now responded AGAIN that the debt was verified. I never received any validation or information regarding this debt from either the CA or EQ, yet they continue to say they have verified it when I cannot. What is my next step here? Next issue, a medical collection for $383 has now popped up on all 3 reports from a JDB (Debt Recovery Solutions) for an ER Admin service. It states the account was opened in 11/2014 but we have had no recent ER visits so obviously the date is wrong and this is old, at least 3 years. Were they obligated to send me a bill or notice in the mail to give me an opportunity to request validation before reporting this to the credit bureaus? At any rate, I have started the process again by sending out the initial dispute to all 3 CRBs and will follow the guide. I had 2/3 clean reports with good scores prior to this one and hoping to get a successful deletion. After I get a response from the initial dispute I sent to CRBs, is there anything different I should do or say in my DV to the JDB for not having billed/dunned me before reporting? Thanks, as always, for your help!
  2. My husband got a settlement offer from Convergent for a supposed old account. He NEVER had an account with them and we DV'd them and never heard another word. It was never placed on his credit report. I wondered if someone used his info in ID theft or if Convergent was a scam. One could send anyone a bill and hope they took the settlement offer.
  3. When rebuilding with a thin file, I know Walmart has been mentioned as a good store card to start with. Is there an advantage to apping in store versus online?
  4. Basically you would need to set aside around $150 dedicated to your B* for 30 days, and remember to start 2 days before your estimated C* date and don't miss a day of pulling. That'll get you to the church on time. You'll need to weigh the cost/benefit for yourself.
  5. In short, if you can't get C$ through an amex card, you would need USAA-CCMP, EIDT-MPM, and $4 daily pulls through QP.
  6. It's not $4 a month, it's $4 per daily pull and is the more expensive way to get a 3rd daily puller if you don't have an amex to get C$.
  7. I can't even get past the login on the CFPB site, not for this issue though. It wants a login and password, which I have never had, and when I click on lost password to set up a login (which is what it says to do) it never sends me the email it says it is sending.
  8. Click on the Choppage tab at the bottom of the spreadsheet and update the dates in that table first.
  9. See, I'm slow, didn't hit send and already confirmed.
  10. I count 57 but someone else can confirm me. If that's true, Q won't be enough to get you there is the next few days. You'll have to start again 2 days before your chop date this month.

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