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  1. Hi, I am fairly ignorant in the details of credit ratings and loans etc etc and I have a few questions but first a little background i suppose. I am currently 25 years old and from 18 - 23 or so I was completely irresponsible and careless with my credit/finances and messed my credit up pretty bad. Recently I have gotten back on track somewhat and my current situation is looking like this: I have a current credit rating of 658 (equifax) I have zero debt at the moment however and one credit card with a 6k limit i got 6 months ago. I make roughly $120k a year and have been with my current employer a little over a year. My question really is how long is it going to take to repair my credit rating, what should i be doing and are their any ways i can speed this process up? Also I would like to purchase a new vehicle soon as my current one could seriously call it quits anyday. Will my other factors help overcome my poor rating (no debt, 120k income) or would i simply be wasting my time trying to finance a vehicle with 658 rating? I really dont want to go in there looking for a vehicle if im essentially wasting my time. Thanks in advance.

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