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  1. Is it a hard and fast rule that CA's must be disputed with CRA's all the first time? I read in Psych Doc's transcripts that that was so, but I don't want to appear frivolous by listing most of them in the initial letter. Is there a recommended waiting period in between letters if it can be done on two different occasions? Sorry, while doing a lot of reading before posting, new and still a little lost. I have opted out and deleted addresses. Now to the rough stuff... Thanks
  2. Thanks everyone. Since I called on the phone the first time, I guess it wouldn't hurt to maybe send a letter stating the same. Sounds pretty hit or miss
  3. Hi all, Before I found this wonderful site, I found information on PIF letters and sent them to some CA's. I got no response from any, must not have been a very good letter I sent the letters back in February. Now that I found this wonderful site, I learned that a PIF is the last resort. If I send DV's to the same CA's will they have any way of knowing about the PIF's I sent 4 mos ago? Don't know what kind of records they retaion. And if so, does it really matter or have I shot myself in the foot for any further correspondence? Thanks!
  4. Thanks everyone. If I need to freeze Experian in the end, how do I do that?
  5. Thanks Tommie, Glad to know I'm not alone in the confusion. Can you direct me to your thread? Thanks
  6. Hi everyone, I have a question about the dispute process in regard to CA's on my CR. I've read that the Jack1212 method still seems to work a lot of the time. Other than that, what are the best up to date methods to dispute CA TR's? Could someone give me an example of how they would word a dispute? I've looked in the Letter Forum, so maybe I'm missing something. From my research, I've learned that you can't just say that "XXX Collection Agency TR is inaccurate, please delete", as they will more than likely kick it back and claim not enough information. I'm a little lost here and am ready to start this phase of the process. All of my CA TL's are still in SOL but are for small amounts, so I could pay up if I aggravated them. Thanks for any help!
  7. Hello everyone, I am a newbie to the forum so forgive me if this question has been asked many times before. I have done a lot of research on the site and appreciate all of the helpful info I've gotten so far. I am in the phase of removing all old addresses from my credit reports and have successfully been able to do so easily with Equifax and Transunion. As most of you know from what I read, Experian wont budge on any old addresses. I got some dorky sounding guy on the phone named Kevin that sounded like he was reading from a script. My questions is this: Is it even worth the time to dispute negative TL's with Experian or should I try to do so anyway? I also read somewhere that someone "froze" their Experian CR due to this. What exactly does that mean and what does it entail? I don't want to tell them that there has been identity theft if that is what freezing is. But I thought that maybe it just meant that no one can pull credit from this agency but not because of identity theft. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  8. Would someone be kind enough to direct me or provide a link to a sample "unknown debt" letter? I looked in sample letter forum and entered keywords in general forum and can find nothing. Sorry if I am missing something. I swear I'm so lost... Thanks
  9. Hi everyone, I am new to posting on the credit boards, so I hope this isn't a redundant post. I've looked around in the forums, and a lot of what I see on this particular topic is from several years back. So forgive me if I have overlooked something relevant. After opting out and now waiting for old addresses to be removed from my reports, I am approaching the next phase of writing my first dispute letters to the big 3 CRA's for removal of some collections accounts. I see that the "Jack Attack" still seems to work very well. But other than that, I was wondering what the best current method is to dispute outside of that. Is it the more general you are (i.e. Collection Account xyz is inaccurate and should be removed) or do I need to go into more detail? Like I said, I may be missing something huge on the forums about this and I have also looked in the section where sample letters are. While I see a lot of DV letters to collection agencies, I can't seem to find a current letter or method on starting directly with the CRA's. I'm looking for something current, as I don't want to try something that the CRA's are on to, and no longer works. I don't even necessarily need a sample letter, as I know it needs to be original from each person. Just some tips and/or suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks!! Kristen
  10. Thanks BI Grasshopper! I really appreciate your post
  11. Hello everyone, I have been reading the forums for quite awhile, but this is my first post. Thanks so much to all of you veterans who have educated me in the initial steps to cleaning up my credit! After doing my homework, I have opted out with all three CRA's and am now working on removing my old addresses from my credit reports. With TransUnion and Equifax, I have already sent out letters. However, I hear that Experian is a real beast in this department. While I will try not to request deletion of all of my old addresses with these guys, I have somewhat of a "unique" question about 2 former addresses on my credit report... Ok, here's the deal. I lived at a sober living apartment for 8 mos. I have no clue how the credit bureaus got a hold of this address, as all of my mail went to my sister's address in another state, and she in turn mailed it to me. I was however, required to get an ID with the DMV in the state I was residing during this time, and the address of the sober living apartment was on that ID. So I am assuming this is how they got it. My question is this-Can I have Experian (and the other 2 CRA's for that matter if they will not cooperate) remove this address due to HIPAA? Seems to be a Privacy issue somehow. I look at it as a long term treatment facility, and I don't see how they can be able to keep it on my CRA if I request it to be taken off. And frankly, I don't feel comfortable about it being on there if a potential employer pulled my credit. Then again, maybe I have no clue what I am talking about either. Second, my sister's address that all of my mail at the time went to is also listed. Can I just address that as ":Never lived there"? I never did live with her so it's not lying. Hope someone can help with this, and thanks again so much for all of the helpful posts.Hope I didn't go on for too long.

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