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  1. Hello, I read your threat and it seems like there are few things that I can probably suggest to you in terms of advise. 1 - Being in consumer proposal, the creditors that still appear on your credit report is normal for at least (6 years) a) You can go ahead and dispute it and mention the fact that is part of a consumer proposal and that the creditor should not show up Wait a month or 2 and if the creditors still appear, re-send a dispute including official documents (photocopied) regarding your consumer proposal to both Equifax & Transunion 2 - As for restoring your credit, you will need to start with a few secured cards in the limit of what you can afford. They can be as little as $300. Once you have build sufficient credit on it, say within 3/4 months, you can request unsecured credit with the same institution. Generally they are able to. 3 - Save up anywhere between $500 - $600 and put it in a savings account. Once these accounts post - request to borrow money from the same bank (using your savings as a collateral) in the term of at least 1 year. Pull out the money and deposit it in a new bank to open a checking account. 4 - Once your checking account is set up - start paying off the loan in which you borrowed with a dedicated organized time lapse of 3 months or less. 5 - Now your credit score should be slowly crawling up as your active in the accounts mentioned above. Once you've paid off that secured savings loan, ask them for a small LOC (Line of credit), generally you should be approved for the same amount to double. Additional advise I can give you, is always check your credit rating. In Canada, there are documents called PPSA (personal property security act) which means you can actually file it with your province. This is when you borrow a small amount from someone and register it on public records. Creditors usually pick that up as they sweep public records every 2/3 days. This should give you additional credit points. For more information you can always look it up and ask your bank on certain credit tips. I hope this helps!

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