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  1. My younger sister is looking for a credit card to build her credit, She has one secured card with Open Sky. She has no collections or anything bad on her credit bureau reports. She has no inquires on any of her reports. Looking for a unsecure card. Which cards should she apply for with someone with limited credit ? Thanks
  2. Why would you want to pay a collector ? How old is the collection ? Is the collection on all 3 credit bureaus ? What type collection is it, credit card, medical, etc ? What have you done to remove the collection from your reports ? Paying a collection can lower your score. Also, remember if a collectors mouth is moving they are lying to you. If you decide to pay a collector, NEVER PAY BY PERSONAL CHECK, DEBIT CARD, OR CREDIT CARD. There is a lot of GREAT information on Creditboards that you really need to read that will help you. Go to the newbie sections and read, read, read, Their are also PINNED topics here on the credit forum that you need to read as well. We need a lot more information to help you.
  3. Great advice guys, really appreciate it.
  4. What do you mean about the account should report a zero balance ? Do you mean when the AU uses the card when its time for a payment to pay balance in full ? I normally pay off any balance on my cards to avoid interest. Right now I have a balance of $88.00 on the credit card, which I used yesterday charging $88.00. My credit limit on the card is $9000.00. I want to do anything I can to help spouse build credit and not have a thin file. Also, do I need to unlock spouses credit reports for cc company to look at spouses reports? Thanks
  5. Thanks Marv for the quick reply.
  6. Just added my spouse as a authorized user to one of my credit cards. They claim that they will notify the credit bureaus for both of us in regards to payment history. Spouse only has 1 secured cc and no derogs of any kind. I did this to help build spouse's credit. How are they going to notify credit bureaus without asking for social security number ? All they ask for was name and stated card would arrive in 7-10 business days. Thanks
  7. Hi everybody, Hope you all have a safe and happy Thanksgiving.
  8. Got it. She opted out and Initial Dispute Letter will go out tomorrow. Thanks for all you do to help people and animals.
  9. I helped my younger sister back in 2012 with her credit. She had a collection from 2012 for a medical bill, I had her follow Why Chat's program from start to finish and the collection was removed from ALL 3 credit bureaus. She checked her credit reports 2 weeks ago and the collection has reappeared on all 3 bureaus. HOWEVER, this time the collection says it was a late payment. There was no late payment. A payment was never made !! It also now says the late payment is from January 2016 !! She was so upset about this she made a HUGE mistake and called the collection company. They told her the late payment was from 2012 and they will contact the hospital and get more information and send to her within 30 days. I was on vacation and just got back and she didn't want to bother me. I certainly would have told her NOT to call the CA. Why Chat, does she start your program all over again ? By the way this CA is different than the one from 2012. Thanks
  10. I talked with my sister this morning and she is really excited that there is a very good chance she can obtain a mortgage. I told her about the alternative trade lines that you talked about in your reply that lenders will accept people without a lot of credit history. Thanks again everybody.
  11. Thanks guys some great info you provided. She will be back next week and I will tell her again to get 2 more secured cards immediately.
  12. Thanks guys for the quick replies. We pulled her FICO's for all 3 bureaus but she has no score because she has never had any CC's or financed anything. She paid cash for her 2013 car last year. The paid collection is 6.5 years old. On Transunion it says her score is 4, whatever that means. Equifax and Experian reports say nothing regarding a score. Also, she is out of town right now on business so I don't know if she has tried the Capital One prequal ? I will find out when I talk with her. She rents a house right now and in 4 years she has NEVER been late, in fact she pays 2 months in advance.. I will tell her about the obsolete dispute.
  13. My sister makes about $86,000 per year. She has only 1 collection that is paid and will fall off credit reports February 2017. The collection was for $77.00 and she thought her insurance would cover. 6 months later she was turned over to collections and she paid it immediately. No other derogs of any kind. She has no credit cards !! She has just been approved for a $800.00 secured card. She wants to buy a house around September 2017. I told her to get 2 more secured cards ASAP. Do you think its possible for her to get a house within that timeline with such limited credit ? If so, what kind of interest rate do you think she would be looking at ? Anything else you think she should do to make home buying a reality ? Thanks
  14. Congrats on your CLI's !!! I LOVE Sync. I have 3 of their cards and every CLI I have asked for they approved. My only regret is I should have gone higher.
  15. There's a lot of free TU FICO sources. Now if I can just find a free source of EQ FICO I could drop CCT. DCU gives a free FICO.

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