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  1. I think You’re right but they were moving pretty hard and threatening to sue. The 4 years wouldn’t have happened until the end of this year. I understand he was trying to get rid of the stress but I was annoyed that he didn’t wait for me to finish what I wanted to look into before he started making payments.
  2. I called GM financial and she says that they have no notes of anything court related and said we need to speak to the CA the CA says that we need to speak to GM financial. No one seems to know anything.
  3. Anyway, thanks Marv for looking at it. We’ve financed and paid off several cars in the past and except for one. I just posted this so he could see that buying that BMW would not be in his best interest and I wasn’t going on loan with him.
  4. Why? They’ve co-signed a couple of cars that have been completely paid off?
  5. His mom who has an 847 is going with him and they are going through the credit union. He’s driving a 2010 charger right now that needs more work than it’s worth at this point but doesn’t have a payment. They went to the credit union yesterday and the chick pulled his credit and he’s actually at a 627 and with his mom they will get him a pretty decent rate. He’s agreed to not get that car though he’s getting something else. Between the two of us we make $128k a year. That app was just in his own. Our scores are horrible right now because we had some issues after I was diagnosed with cancer and eventually had my lung removed. Thanks for the advice though! I really do appreciate it!
  6. Thanks! My husband is looking at it and will likely not do it. I’m trying to get him to go new. This will be his back and forth to work car.
  7. Hello, I was diagnosed with cancer and had to have my right lung removed. We did some dumb stuff with our credit and now I'm trying to clean up the messes. This has been a hassle but now i'm ready to start working on things again. We had a loan for a 2010 Chevy Impala and the engine went out on it. We stupidly stopped paying the note and allowed it to be repossessed. I can not recall ever receiving any communication on the sale of the car once they had it back. Last year Gurstel Law, the collection agency retained by GM Financial served my husband with papers. Before I could even look up what to do, made arrangements with the collection agency for $205 a month which we have been paying on time. We actually received "Scheduling Order and Trial Order" from the state of Minnesota even though we are making payments to the collection agency and signed an agreement and release with GM Financial. With that being said, my question is did we basically screw ourselves from doing Whychat's process? I've posted a photos of the letter with all of our information redacted. GM FINANCIAL PO BOX 181145 ARLINGTON, TX 76096-1145 (800) 284-2271 Date Opened: 08/31/2011 Responsibility: Joint Account Account Type: Installment Account Loan Type: AUTOMOBILE Date Updated: 05/23/2019 Payment Received: $205 Last Payment Made: 05/07/2019 Original ChargeOff: $5,961 Pay Status: >Charged Off< Terms: $0 per month, paid Monthly for 65 months Date Closed: 12/08/2015 >Maximum Delinquency of 60 days in 01/2014 and in 02/2015< High Balance: High balance of $11,590 from 02/2017 to 02/2017; $11,590 from 04/2017 to 12/2017; $11,590 from 02/2019 to 05/2019 Estimated month and year that this item will be removed: 09/2022
  8. Credit Application: Auto Loan Your Age: 38 Your Equifax Credit Score: 606 Your Experian Credit Score: 614 (the credit union said 627) Your TransUnion Credit Score: 629 How long have you been on file with the CRA?s? 10+ years Previous Automotive Credit History: 3 paid auto loans, 1 charge off Do you have an open auto loan? Yes Will this loan be a trade-in? No Number of late pays within the last 12 months on the currently open loan? None Number of late pays within the last 13-24 months on the currently open loan? None Current open auto loan is financed with? Regional Acceptance Current open auto loan payment is? 338 Estimated amount you may be upside down in this vehicle? 3000 Rate your payment history on this open auto loan from 1-10 (10=BEST) 10 Revolving Credit History: Total number of revolving accounts? 6 Total percent utilization overall? . 46% Your Information: How long at residence? 3 years Rent/Homeowner/Live with relative? Rent 1000 month How long at current job? 17 years Total Provable MONTHLY GROSS INCOME? 5538 (without spouse) Provable via computerized paystub or what method? Tax Returns/Bank Statements and pay stub  Your Downpayment in CASH: 2000 Rebates not considered; Trade Equity not considered: Does any credit repository contain any Public Record? Yes....BK7...discharge 05/2010 Does any credit repository contain any Collection Account(s) If so, please describe. 2 baddies Jefferson Capital $3026 (old Verizon account that a family member who was an employee with the company signed up for using all of my information. Working on getting that removed) Waypoint Resource Group $484 comcast bill from 2016 New or Used Vehicle you are considering; please describe: 2009 bmw 750i $12,5000 with 130k miles Your creditworthiness on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the best: OVERALL credit: Installment Credit History: 7 or an 8 Revolving Credit History: 9 (credit report says 99% of payments on time)
  9. I've been around for a long time and was able to get my credit great, buy a house and all. Went through a divorce and all of that went to crap. I am super low scores and working on getting them back up. All of my accounts are within SOL. Is it even worth it to try and get rid of collections?
  10. Wow good work!! I'll be subscribing here also! You're giving me hope!
  11. LOL wow you guys are nuts!! My tab is $800
  12. You have NO idea.... Grandad has her at the church with him right now. The other two are doing well. Getting big also. Getting too grown as well.
  13. Yeah I order online as well. One thing my brother told me(he works at Pizza Hut) that the prices are always like a dollar more on the coupons online Tee
  14. LOL Tee!! I was just IM'ing you. She eats EVERYTHING off of my plate, her plate and dad's plate. Those are her ashy legs by the way

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