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    Getting my score to one that I am not embarrassed of.
  1. I would love to have my Care Credit increased but I would use every penny of it. LOL. I don't know how I haven't already except that the procedure I want is more than my card's limit.
  2. Just out of hatred for Sallie Mae, I won't get their card. Long story but basically I was supposed to be receiving my statements by email, which apparently I wasn't. I had a forbearance and it ended at the same time that I had a baby. I didn't know because I wasn't receiving statements. A month or so after I started thinking that I hadn't heard from them so I called and found out that four of my accounts had been marked negative, so I have 4 negatives on my report. I have written, called, begged, offered them my first born....nada. And they are set to go positive in 2019. Nice.
  3. No that is what I meant. I always pay in full. I wouldn't even have any cards at all if the credit "game" wasn't so effed up. Gotta be a potential risk to have a higher score. America!!!
  4. I thought the rule was to stay at like 2% utilization.
  5. Yeah. I have the cash to pay it off immediately. Just wanted an Amazon card since I shop there very often and it would be a good one to keep a low balance on.
  6. Yup. That is the one. They gave me a $200 increase. Hold your seat, now! Not going to get me the camera I wanted.
  7. Called the number, was told I did have the underwriting team and got denied. Do I call back? Seems like I would have been transferred to someone.
  8. Awesome. Ok. I'm about to call. Thanks for the advice. I'll keep you guys posted.
  9. Got approved for an Amazon card with a CL of $600. I was hoping for much higher. At least $2000. Anyone have luck getting that high of an increase by calling the recon number? Hi everyone, by the way! I have some good updates for another post!
  10. Louisiana CHOPPED 91 down to 17. Removed 7 of the 10 and those 3 are mortgage stickies anyway. I'm happy!
  11. Lender sent for VOE for past two jobs. The previous employer puts "termination due to substandard job performance" on the request form. Wha? It's not a damn job interview. Just did he actually work there and did he make x amount of money.
  12. Have all but one inquiry b* from TU and its a mortgage pull. Do I bother to continue pulling or is it a sticky and I just leave it?
  13. I am using a mortgage broker. Tell me if I understand this correctly. She works with a lender that deals with VA loans. That lender is the one that does the underwriting, etc. and if everything checks out then the VA guarantees the loan? How long does it take to hear back generally? I know it's probably a lender specific issue but I'm hoping someone has some insight. It's day three with no word and I'm starting to get antsy.
  14. I pulled myfico yesterday and my scores were 711, 667, 710 and mortgage broker just pulled and they are 709, 667, 708 so pretty darn close.
  15. In my case the four that are showing are stickies. Every other inquiry has somehow... ahem... disappeared. I love it when that happens. I blame UFOs.
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