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  1. FYI: It took about 2 weeks for my report to update my new student loan once completing rehab. That said, the old student loans remain, but do not show "in default" any longer. good luck!
  2. Once you complete rehab, the original trade line with lates generally remains, however, all of the old late payments remain. Are you talking about those lates? Or are you trying to say that the payments you are making while it is under forbearance showing as a late payments?
  3. jdz78

    VA Loan Questions

    Thanks all. I have questioned it with the Mortgage Broker and I went ahead and backed that up with a quote from my local bank at 3.250%. (our mortgage scores came back much lower than I expected. Mine: 679, 690, 720, and DH: 619, 689, 691.) We are also exempt from the funding fee, so that helps a lot when closing rolls around. If it comes back at 3.250%, should I lock it in or let it float? I've been researching how rates are set (kind of interesting actually) and from what I've read it could be on a downward trend...opinions? warpchant thank you for your service!
  4. duplicate post, sorry.
  5. We are pre-approved for a $270,000 VA loan, 0 down, 30 year fixed, at 4% (no points purchased). Just wondering, can anyone tell me where other rates are today? I know the lender sets their own rate, but does that rate rely on credit score, income, DTI, etc? We are working with a mortgage broker, does that make a difference at all? Can I get a better rate without paying any points? We are located in OK if that matters... thanks all!
  6. delphipgmr Lynn is a respected expert in this field...and correct. It's rude for you to ask a question then turn around and tell someone they are incorrect. Example of this situation: My husband paid for all of his school at a state University, but was sent to a state community college for one class not offered for his degree. He never received a bill from that college and graduated 3 years later receiving all of his records and a PIF from the University. What he didn't know at the time is that the community college charged some sort of facility fee that he was never notified of. Fast forward a five more years, and they (the community college) seized our tax return for this debt. Yes, it was a state return, but there is no SOL--they will do all they can to get their money. (its been 8 years since this debt was incurred) On a personal note, your daughter signed documents stating she would pay for college and she should pay her debt. This is part of being an adult and one of the biggest reasons college is so expensive. If she is sued, the college will probably win and she will owe court costs, late fees, and interest as well. Also, I believe if she is sued and loses, it is entered on her credit report as a judgment under public record--which can only report for 7 1/2 years. However, just because it isn't on her report doesn't mean that they cant get the money from her. The creditor has 10 years from the date filed with the court (if I'm not mistaken) to enforce the judgment. Meaning, if the judgment isn't PIF within that time frame, they could renew for an additional 10 years, place a lein on her home, garnish wages, and/or file a bank levy.
  7. This also applies if you're in Indiana. The ground will soften up around here pretty soon and lime is readily available. Ditto that for Florida. Tell the guy you'd love for him to come on over so you can practice "standing your ground". "Don't make me go all Zimmerman all over you ..." too soon? Yes X 1000. I was tempted to tell the guy to come on down to the military instillation that I work on, where the governor of the state recently authorized us to be armed... But, I thought that was more information than he already knew about me. So I didn't... In OK, its the "Make My Day" law, bring it scumbag!
  8. Good to know others have heard from these dirt bats! I'll update here if I ever receive anything--but from what others have said, I highly doubt I will get anything.
  9. So far, all they have done is have a third party (possibly) contact me to tell me that they were going to hand deliver some documents. If I get a document, and it doesn't mention SOL, you can bet your bottom dollar I'll go after my $1,000!
  10. I have no public records. I checked the County Court dockets and there isn't anything in my name. I don't have the records but I believe we received a notice that showed about $6000 shortage. However, this had fees and interest associated with it. I'll check my records tonight. Can't wait to tell these a holes to FOAD! Thanks again! I feel a little better now.
  11. Yes, it is out of the statute of limitations. 3 Years ago I started WhyChat's repo method by getting CARFAX, but I never actually needed it. It fell off with initial dispute. So I have all of that information. The DOFD was in 2007. I agree, this feels like a JDB, but since I've never been sued I wasn't sure if that is what this was. I have MyFICO and there's nothing on any report for this. I haven't received a "collectors notice" at all--could this be some weird way of delivering a collectors notice? What is gutter service? How can I check for court dates that I may have missed? And thank you for the input mizliz!
  12. Hi all! Last week I received a phone call from an unavailable phone number. The man on the line stated that he was a "courier" and was hired to hand deliver a document to me. (no name of courier service given, his name not given, no return phone number given, no information other than my name was verified) He was calling to say that they were supposed to deliver that day but needed to change it to the next day. When I told him that was the first I had heard of it he gave me a phone number (and an associated "file number"). He said I should call that number for more information but that the document he had in hand was official looking. As I was trying to get more information, the call was disconnected. I then received about 6 calls in rapid fire, each one disconnected upon my answering. I googled the # that was given to me and it came back as "Transport Services" in Florida (not now or ever my state of residence). I did not call the number and simply ignored it since I didn't have any business with a "Transport Services". Today I retrieved a voice mail stating the same thing--but more information was given. Document Servicing is who is contacting me. The message states that they are going to hand deliver a document to me today at my residence or place of business. The message states that this is regarding a complaint on me and once there are 3 failed attempts at delivery the document will go back to the client where they will proceed with further action without my consent. I have done a little research on the phone number (for Transport Services) here on Creditboards, and it appears that this could be related to an old auto repo. In 2008, my husband and I had a voluntary surrender (aka auto repo) of a vehicle. There was never a judgment or any further contact with the original creditor (the bank). However, my car was auctioned off and I believe there was a shortage. But we were never billed for this shortage. I have never received anything in the mail from "Transport Services" and this repo hasn't been on my credit report for at least 3 years. How should I respond to this "document server"? I do not have a phone number for them, only their client's phone number was released to me in the voicemail. I'm not ever home during the day, and I don't think they have my place of employment, but I could be wrong. Do I call the phone number? Try to make myself available to receive the documents? This all feels a bit scam like to me... Any advice is appreciated! Thanks all!
  13. mijalemo, who did you contact at DOE and what did you ask them for them to send you the letter? I completed rehab a while ago and have had no such luck getting my old tradelines deleted or any of the old late's removed. I know they aren't required to do so, but I'd love to try your tactic and see if it works for deletion of my old tradelines. Thanks in advance!

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