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  1. Hi all, I am interested in a property, the exterior of the home is completely finished beside driveway and landscaping, The interior of the home is framed and the plumbing and electric are roughed in. Home will need to be insulated, dry-walled and all fixtures. My question, is it possible to get a loan for such a project, if so what type? I know there is such things as constructions loans from start to finish but not sure if loan company will pick up an unfinished project. Thanks, Sal
  2. I figured as much, just been awhile... -Sal
  3. Hey all, Been a few years since I have visited the Boards. At that time B* was such a thing, is this still the case or have they caught on?
  4. When i referenced account on the orig post i should have been more clear. This means credit account..
  5. Products were purchased under my business name, and shipping to a friends *warehouse per there requirements.
  6. Nope, just an email stating i have been calling with no luck.. Sal
  7. Last year around this time I started a new business, for this business I needed to purchase some chemicals from a company. I requested a product, they gave me a price and said they would set up an account for me, I told them i didn't want an account and wanted to pay via CC or COD and perhaps the possibility for an account later down the line. A week or so later I get a call from a delivery guy saying he is waiting at my building with a delivery. I was not around so A friend took delivery. I made several attempts to pay the company but every time I called I got directed to accounts receivable which goes to VM. No one every returned any of my calls so I emailed the person that I spoke with when placing the order, told her my situation and she said she would have someone from the payment center call me. Well that never happened!!! Now months later I received a letter in the mail from a debt collection company trying to collect, saying the debt wont go away and will be filed on my CR, and now they are calling me. So my question is, how should I approach this? Thanks, Sal
  8. Again thanks all..... Ill keep you posted on how it works out. -Sal
  9. Well I know all the abbreviations with the exception of QS..... Quick silver one?
  10. I have two Crap One cards, I am tried of paying fee's. Anything I can do to avoid? My Credit is fine, no collection, judgments, A few late payments years ago. Paid auto loan, never late mortgage and a year old never late auto loan. Never late store cars, Walmart and Lowes with minimal balances. CS is about 730 across the board. Cap one Platinum (once was an orchard secured card) $200 limit 0.00 balance APR - 14.90% C.A. - 20.90% $35 annual fee \ open since 2006 Cap One Platinum $1750 Limit $1200.00 balance APR 12.5% C.A - 21.50% $5 a monthly fee open since 2008 Thanks, Sal
  11. I Called the OC, the debt was not sold just in collections. She said that the entry on my report will be deleted within 30days, Not marked payed but indeed removed for my file. Now lets wait and see!!! Thanks all for the help.... -Sal
  12. Not sure if the debt was sold or just in collections, how would I find that out? I did pay the OC in full...
  13. So I pulled USAA the other day and under accounts history there is an entry for sunrise credit service it says Collection Department / Agency / Attorney Seriously past due date / assigned to attorney, collection agency, or credit grantor's internal collection department. Why is this on my report under account history? Here is a little run down, I had moved from my previous home in Aug of 11 to my new house. When I left I had turned of Cable vision off and asked that the new bill be sent to my parents house. I had never got a bill from them, I revived a bill from Sunrise at my new address (not parents house) saying i was in collections for $104.00. I called cable vision and asked if the balance was correct and it was so I paid it with the cable vision. What should I do to get this removed, should I send sunrise a letter stating to delete since I had paid with the OC and they have no rite to collect? -Sal
  14. I find my self always forgetting to pull over the weekends, I have reminders set on my cell phone but I'm not always in front of a PC. Is there a way to set up a program to do the daily pulling for me?

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