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  1. I received my Bank of America travel rewards card on Monday, called Tuesday for a CLI from 2500 to 5000, approved. Called today and asked to get bumped to 7500, put on hold for a few minutes, asked some income and employment info, approved. Bank OF America is awesome seems they are very generous with CLI's 2 in 2 days and just got the card Monday.
  2. Lucky b, did they approve your request? What did you say to them? I have read on here they are very sensitive and watch you constantly, I don't want to upset them and they close the account.
  3. After 1 1/2 years I was finally approved by barclays it's the frontier card with a 1500 CL. I wanted to get everyone's opinion on if I should call an recon for a higher limit.
  4. One is at 1% the other is 30% I jumped the gun a little
  5. Not yet. From the reporting days on equifax ithey will by mid july
  6. Thanks for the reply. I have paid down all my account too a 0'balance with the exception of 2. Should I call an recon of wait an reapp in 30 days
  7. I was declined for a discover it card, reasons being: % of balance to credit limit too high on revolving accounts Length of time accounts have been established Proportion of loan balances to loan amounts is too high What is the best course of action to get an approval? What are discovers requirements?
  8. Walmart and amazon have had for 8 months The other 2 for 6 months Credit is average. Never late no baddies just a lot of usage and inquiries
  9. Walmart 700 Amazon 850 Old navy 600 Banana republic 300 Any suggestions on why the cli have been slow and small? What would be a few good ones to app for? Which ones upgrade to visa/master cards?
  10. I just received the walmart store card and amazon store card after denial in April. Still in the beginning of the rebuild, gonna app for a few more next month
  11. Thank you southern treat. Does anyone know how the CRA verify judgement information and what the FCRA says they must do
  12. Well clydesmom, wage garnishment is not possible, I own my own corporation therefore I do not receive a paycheck to garnish, I am for the most part what they call judgement proof. All my assets are tied to my business which they can not touch, I am not denying they are my judgements, just want to try and get them off early since they only will report for 2 more years. They have also past the 5 year renewal in Ohio whith not one renewing the judgement because they have nothing to collect on. So again does anyone have advice on how to approach this.
  13. Problem is in Ohio you have 1 year from the date judgement was made to vacate. I understand them name, what are the laws the CRA must follow to verify a judgement
  14. I did a dispute, and it came back verified in a week with experian, and 2 weeks with equifax. Now 2 others appeared on my report that where not there, do I send a DOV Letter or a same name different person letter. And yes southern treat it is illegal to display an entire Ssn on a public record, so they can not verify that way. Clyde's mom, I do understand the laws in Ohio, they have not renewed the judgements, I just want them off my report. I am just looking at the next step to get a deletion
  15. I'm not looking to vacate the judgements, I'm in Ohio and you have 1 year from final judgement to vacate that has passes, they are my judgements, I'm looking to get them off my credit report early so I can apply for a mortgage, and rebuild my credit, they are from 2007 so they are older, they just appeared on my report this week. The address in the court documents is not one listed on my credit report, so I was going to try the someone else with a similar name trick. Wanted to know how to go about this.
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