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  1. Hey guys, I started my credit history 10 months ago with a secured 99/500 Bank of America Cashrewards and the secured Capital One. So far, I've always PIF, and kept a low utilization (<20%). Last week, my BOA GRADUATED to an unsecured card, and they increased my CL from $500 to $1,000, so that's a very good news. Today, my Credit Karma score DROPPED 45 POINTS!! With the following notifications: - The limit on 1 of your credit cards has increased. (That's the BOA) - Your previously unused CAP ONE account is now reporting a balance. (I forgot to USE my Capital one card for a month...) Note that I have made no credit inquiries whatsoever. I really don't understand, I've been working very hard on my credit and my score has increased consistently in the last 10 months. What happened? Is it possible that NOT using a CC for a month lower your score? Did BOA do a weird HP when graduating my card? (Note that I didn't ask for anything, and that credit karma does not show a pull). Please help, thanks!

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